Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake

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Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake blends the rich and sultry flavor of chocolate with the tangy moistness of sour cream in this appealing bundt cake. It is quick and easy to make, and when cooked in a bundt pan, creates an elegant cake to present to your family or friends who drop by. It is an easy cake to make, and comes together without fussy or muss. Try it soon.

This recipe calls for brand names in the flour, but you can simply use what ever you happen to have on hand. Most flours are the same, until you switch countries or regions. That is because the wheat that may have been used to make the flours from region to region, and certainly from country to country contains different amounts of protein in them. As a result, a high protein flour from Canada actually contains less protein than a high protein flour from either the United Kingdom or the USA. In any case, for this recipe, what you have at home will work wonderfully well.

This cake blends Dutch process chocolate (cocoa) for this recipe. Dutch process is a method to create cocoa that results in a less bitter form of cocoa. It does matter whether you use a Dutch process cocoa or just plain cocoa, so be sure you get the right stuff here. The glaze is a simple and elegant blend made using bittersweet chocolate that will complement what you have already put in to the cake. This is a lovely dessert, one for a late afternoon with your girlfriends, or with the kids after a long day of play, and before beginning preparations for supper. Enjoy it soon.

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