Chocolate Surprise Bundt Cake

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This cake gets plenty of help from commercial mixes, so you can be sure this Chocolate Surprise Bundt Cake will turn out great. It should be quite moist from the additions to the cake mix that you start with. One way to bolster cake mixes to improve their texture and flavor is to add eggs, oil, and sometimes moistness improving ingredients such as buttermilk or sour cream. Here, in this recipe, sour cream is added for better taste and improved texture. Dried cherries are added in to the cake for a bit of texture and slightly tangy flavor contrast to the rich chocolate.

This is a pretty and elegant cake to make and serve. That is, in part, because of the Bundt method of baking it. A Bundt pan bakes your cake up tall and beautiful, so you slice long and wonderful pieces of the cake to whomever you are serving it to. Because of its truly beautiful appearance, a Bundt cake is often either not iced or only partly frosted. In this recipe, a chocolate ganache is poured over the cake as well as over chopped chocolate. Check out the web site photos to see just how beautifully this approach can turn out on your cake. The other nice thing is that using only a bit of sauce or only partially frosting the cake keeps the addition of more sugar and butter to a minimum, something that you might prefer. Of course, here, a ganache is fabulously rich, and made from pure cream and chocolate. At least, though, it is somewhat less thickly spread (poured, really) on the cake than a rich frosting might be.

In any event, this is a lovely cake, and one well worth making for some special evening. Do get a Bundt pan if you do not yet own one, and make it in this shape. You do not need to get overly fancy pans; some are quite ornate, and can be difficult to get right. Choose a simple design. You will be very pleased with the results.

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