Chocolate Truffle Fudge Bars

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This Chocolate Truffle Fudge Bars recipe is a great option if you enjoy fudge and if you like it in the traditional truffle form. This particular treat has three delicious layers. The layers begin with the bottom, which is made from brownies. This brownie bottom layer is then topped with a truffle filling that requires no stove top work, but just melting the chocolate and blending in the rest of the ingredients. The topping and third layer is essentially frosting. So this fudge bars recipe is easy enough for your young and aspiring baker to make for you. And get them, too! After all, they will likely be eating most of it!

The truffle recipe is made with chocolate, and almost any kind of confectionary filling you can imagine. It got its name because the original truffles were shaped like a truffle, the fungus that is so highly prized and sought after for other dishes (and that tastes nothing like the chocolate truffle fudge bars recipe found here, or any other chocolate, truffle or fudge bar recipe, for that matter!). Like all culinary delights, truffles have a rich and varied history, and are found in many cultures, particularly ones with a long culinary history. The first truffle may have been developed in France in the late 19th century. Within just a few short years, the truffle had migrated to England, and then quickly spread across Europe, and later, in to North America.

There are several types of truffle that traditionally speak to the characteristics that you might expect to find in them when you buy them. A French truffle is a tender bite that is essentially just chocolate and cream that is then rolled in chocolate powder or nut powder. It is a decadent treat. The Belgian truffle is also known as a praline. It can be made with almost any chocolate but is filled with a ganache (a chocolate and cream blend) or as well, a butter cream and sometimes pastes made from various kinds of nuts. The other famous chocolate maker, the Swiss, also boast their own variation of the truffle. It is a wonderful blend of chocolate, butter and cream that is poured in to molds. The other truffle that has grown in popularity comes from California. It is a bigger truffle (no surprise there) than those made in Europe. There are other truffles of course, including, even, a vegan truffle. And this form of candy will likely continue to grow. So enjoy this Chocolate Truffle Fudge Bars recipe whenever you want to make something special. Even though it is quick to make, it packs big flavor and will delight all. Try this fudge recipe soon with the kids.

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