Choosing a log floor plan . . . AVOID these 8 mistakes!

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Cabin building while exciting can also be a bit project to take on. So to make it easier on your Log Cabin Hub has come up with some great tips when choosing a log floor plan... Avoid these 8 mistakes:

1. Be aware that there is no one design that is going to suit every customer. There are hundreds, if not thousands of log cabin designs and floor plans online, many of them may be very close to what you're looking for, but not just the perfect design you envisioned. That's totally okay and very normal. These log cabin designs for prefab log cabin kits are designed to be a starting point for customers that the customers can then modify as needed.

2. One thing to consider is practicality. Many people make the mistake of being a big dreamer, incorporating features in their home that they think will look really fancy or cool, but then these features actually don't really function well. For example, lots of large windows may look amazing, but if you live in a place that experiences sub-zero temperatures, you may want to reconsider how many windows you include in your cabin building project since windows can compromise insulation.

3. People are so busy focusing on the interior log cabin designs that they forget to plan the landscaping of the home and the pathways that will allow access into the house. Avoid this mistake by thinking about how you will most like to enter your home. Have a garden in the back? You'll want an easy access entrance way into the house, most likely into the kitchen.

4. Another mistake people make is they underestimate the size of the rooms in the house. It really helps to take some time to figure all of the details out. Think about how you want to use the room, and what features would make it more comfortable to use. Kitchens really need a lot of thought put into their design, and you may need to change the orientation of a few things in prefab log cabin kits if you want it to work the best for you.

5. Sometimes people make the mistake of forgetting to include their family in the design process. To avoid this mistake by thinking of how your family will be able to function in the home together and individually. Make sure that all stairways and fireplaces have safety implemented for your children to avoid accidents. You should also include family members in the decision process of the home because it will also be their home too, more on that in number 8.

6. Many log cabin designs don't take into account the location and directions the cabin will face. Take some time on the land where your cabin building will be placed, and see which areas and directions get the most sun, shade and also the views and privacy.

7. A very common mistake is letting the cabin building budget get our of control. Don't get too carried away with your log cabin designs without checking in on the costs to build the plan you are designing. It's quite easy to forget that each modification costs more money, but a good rule of thumb to remember is that the more corners you have in your home, the more costly it will be.

8. Lastly, don't leave your family out of the loop when it comes to the plans. Sit down with the members of your family to take into consideration their needs and desires for the home plan. They may also have valuable ideas on certain aspects of the plan, and it's always nice to have a fresh set of eyes looking at things.***

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