Choosing windows for a log home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your log home renovation.

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When it comes to log home renovations, you want to be sure and have Everything, You Need to Know about Home Replacement Windows in Log Homes in mind. Choosing windows for a log home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your log home renovation. To start, you'll want to have the window locations in the log home or log cabin already where you want them based on the surrounding views that you hope to enjoy. Replacing the windows in a log home or log cabin is an important task, so you want to be sure and do your research and have in mind all the necessary questions and ideas to properly do the replacement windows project. Log home replacement windows should not only look good, but they play an important role in the energy efficiency of the log home. With the tax credit for window and door replacements, home replacement windows is a popular renovation.

Since log homes usually have deep window jambs and custom trims that would be expensive to replace, you will want to find a window installer or construction company that focuses on preserving and reusing the finished woodwork of the log home. The first step in a replacement project is properly ordering the windows for the log home or log cabin. It’s important to find a knowledgeable salesperson who understands how the log home replacement windows will fit into the trim and can someone who can size the replacement windows correctly. If this step is done right, you should be able to eliminate the need for custom replacement windows in your log home. Once the log home replacement windows are delivered, the installer will set up any necessary staging outside and prepare the log home interior by moving furniture and wall decorations out of the way and removing any blinds or draperies in the way. The existing window is compared with the replacement window for thickness so that a jig can be made to mark the window jamb for trimming. Once the window jambs are cut, they immediately clean up with a vacuum. It is important to keep the site clean at all times. You will want to be sure and have someone who is knowledgeable do your replacement project.

You are going to hear different words when it comes to window replacement. Things like the interior and exterior trim, flange, U-factor and R Factor. The U-factor windows are just a measurement. Windows are tested and assigned a number, with the lower the number, the better. Some locales and regions will have certain requirements that need to be in order. When it comes to purchasing log home replacement windows, there are four main types of log home windows on the market all of which have their pros and cons. The four different types of log home replacement windows available include wood frame windows, clad-wood frame windows, aluminum frame window replacement, and vinyl clad frame windows. Wood framed log home replacement windows do not conduct heat well, which is good because it means that when you pay to heat your cabin, the heat will stay where you want it, on the inside of te log home. Clad-wood frame replacement windows have a regular wood frame that is covered by an exterior layer of a weather resistant material, typically vinyl or aluminum. Aluminum frame replacement windows have a greater durability than plain wood and vinyl clad replacement windows are the current popular choice.

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