Christmas Bark

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When it comes to easy dessert recipes, it doesn't get any easier than chocolate candy bark. Plus, it's a great recipe for the chocolate lovers out there. Not only do you get a healthy dose of chocolate, but you also get little bits of other candies or nuts. It's a great recipe to use all of your broken cookies and not so perfect looking candies for too since everything is just basically scattered on a tray and covered in chocolate. This chocolate Christmas bark recipe from The Cookie Rookie contains Oreos, peppermint chips, both peanut and mint M&Ms, and pretzels, but it's made with white chocolate instead of dark chocolate or milk chocolate. The Oreos and M&Ms are perfect for this Christmas recipe because the Oreo filling is in red and green, and so are the shells of the M&Ms. Then the white chocolate is the perfect addition bringing in the white for the red, green and white colours of Christmas. You can use whatever items you have on hand, but if you want to replicate Becky's recipe then grab yourself all of those ingredients. But you can also make this recipe with anything you have on hand. Another reason this dessert recipe is so easy is that you don't have to shape it into any pretty form. You just make it and break the bark apart however it crumbles.

To start, get all of your candy and cookies together and crush them up. This is the fun part. You can put the cookies, candies and pretzels in separate zip lock bags and crush them into smaller pieces with your hands or with a glass or the bottom of a plate or bowl. You just want to have small pieces of each of the items. Then cover a large cookie sheet with some wax paper. If you don't have any wax paper and you're in a pinch, you can use parchment paper. Just make sure that you can spray it very lightly with cooking spray beforehand. Spread out the broken cookie pieces, pretzel pieces, peppermint chips, and three quarters or so of your M&Ms on the baking sheet. Put the white chocolate in a microwavable bowl and heat it for one minute and thirty seconds and stir. Then microwave it for about a minute until it's smooth and completely melted. Just be careful to watch it, so it doesn't end up burning. Now you can take the melted chocolate and pour it all over the cookies and candies using a spatula or spoon to coat everything and create a nice, single layer evenly.

You can then pour the rest of the M&Ms and some red and green sprinkles all over the top while the chocolate is still liquified. Then put the baking tray in the fridge and allow it to cool until it's hardened. Use a spatula to remove the sheet of bark from the baking sheet and then use your hands to break it into different sized pieces. It's nice to have an assortment of large, medium and small pieces but if you want them to be more uniform, you can also use a sharp knife to cut them into more even sizes. Once you're done, you can serve them in a nice bowl or on a plate and put the pieces in a sealable container or bag to keep them fresh. These make great Christmas treat gifts, and everyone loves chocolate bark. You can also make a healthy version of this easy dessert recipe by using pure chocolate with low sugar and adding in healthy nuts and cranberries or other fruits.***

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