Chunky Monkey Brownies

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There are times that when you really want chocolate, you just have to have it! Next time you have a crazy chocolate craving, try out these super rich Chunky Monkey Brownies! They look absolutely divine! With all of the gooey layers of melted chocolate and cake... you will be in heaven eating this dessert. And it seriously takes no time at all, PLUS, you can use up some of those poor ignored bananas that have been hanging out in the back of your freezer getting lonely. This is the recipe that the author, Teresa, from Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen, found when she was searching Pintrest and the internet for good recipes to use your frozen bananas in.

Of course, the most common use for frozen bananas would be banana bread. People always turn to that recipe as the good old standby. Banana bread is awesome, don't get me wrong, I do like a good, home made banana bread. But sometimes you just want to try something new and exciting for a change, and that's where Pintrest comes in handy. Everyone posts their recipes or other people's recipes that they have tried out, so that others can try them. It's the perfect place to find decadent recipes like this one. Sometimes they are just over the top too!

The other thing that Teresa uses in this recipe are baking melts, which are like chocolate chips, but they melt differently when baked, so they explode all of their chocolatey goodness with every bite. She says that they are the best for this super chocolatey recipe, but you can also of course, still use regular chocolate chips. The baking melts just give a more rich flavour. Just seeing the photos on her blog makes me want to reach in and grab one and eat it all up! You will too! Head over to 'Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen' by following the link in the section below for more!

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