Chunky Monkey Muffins

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Moist muffins make an appealing breakfast or snack, but this chunky monkey muffins recipe is so much more than the fluffy muffins you enjoy devouring throughout the day; they are also flavoured with creamy peanut butter, mashed bananas, and yummy chunks of chocolate. Your whole family will want this banana muffin recipe every week, because they are filled with the classic pairing of banana and peanut butter, and have the decadent appeal of chocolate. You won’t have to prepare this banana chocolate chunk muffin recipe every week, though, because they store exceptionally well in the freezer for the long term, so consider making a few batches of this easy muffin recipe in one go and saving some in the freezer for later.

Healthy homemade recipes are the way to go if you want to limit your family’s intake of preservative-filled desserts from the grocery store because you can control what goes into them. While homemade muffin recipes still contain granulated sugar and butter, which are often necessary to structure and flavour in baked recipes, there are a few places where you can make sure this is one of the most nutritious muffin recipes ever. Instead of using bleached all-purpose flour, choose unbleached instead, as it is least likely to be treated with chemical agents. Regular bleached flour is often bleached with chlorine gas or benzoyl peroxide, which helps age the flour and makes it its distinct white colour. Unbleached flour is allowed to age naturally and isn’t as bright in colour. This fact doesn’t necessarily mean that unbleached flour hasn’t come into contact with chemicals at some point, however, so it is best to research the brand before purchasing. Also, try to buy a natural peanut butter brand that contains mostly peanuts and a small amount of sugar to ensure that your family is eating as healthily as possible.

Healthy baking recipes are sometimes daunting because they often contain a long list of ingredients or unfamiliar ones, but you can rest assured that this banana muffin recipe is as easy as your traditional banana bread recipe and contains no hard-to-find foods. The wealth of familiar tastes makes these healthy snacks for kids delicious to the children and others who consume them. Baking healthy snacks for children will be one of the most challenging things you do since kids often have fussier palette’s, but you won’t have to worry in the case of this peanut butter chocolate chunk recipe. This banana muffin recipe doesn’t list a variety of chocolate to use but recommends using large chunks in the batter for more texture and appeal. If you want to makes these muffins extra healthy, use dark chocolate chunks, since dark chocolate is the least processed and contains the most flavonoids, which are an antioxidant. Other chocolate varieties, like milk or white chocolate, contain small amounts of health benefits, but will be no less delicious. Thank you to Jennifer, the author of ‘Seasons and Suppers’ recipe blog, for sharing her tasty chunky monkey muffins recipe with us.**

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