Chunky Monkey Snack Cake

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No monkeys were harmed in the making of this Chunky Monkey Snack Cake. But you will enjoy its rich flavor nonetheless. It is action packed with bananas and nuts that make this dessert or snack wholesome as well as delicious. Make it soon for your family. This cake offers another recipe that you can get creative with, and fill with the favorite things that your family might love. This recipe uses bananas, nuts and chocolate chips, all great ingredients that go together really well. You could blend dried cranberries and pecans with the bananas just for something different, or think up your own combination of nuts, or nuts and fruit that might work with bananas.

The recipe creator and blogger, Barefeet In The Kitchen, reminds us to make sure that we use the ripest bananas possible. Let them sit for a few days to become spotty and browned, and their flavor to fill the air when you walk near them. Then they are ready to make this great cake. The blogger says that her little one enjoys smashing the bananas for this recipe—and is only five years old! What a great help in the kitchen. If you have little helpers, they could do that, too, perhaps. (Some littlest ones might get their fingers in to the mix, so be sure little hands are plenty clean when you begin!)

This recipe offers a simple cake with plenty of good ingredients that make it a possible snack for breakfast, a coffee break, or late night snack. It will keep in the freezer easily, too, so double the recipe when you make this up. It blends easily either with the mixer of by hand, so use the method you prefer. Try it soon!

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