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This recipe is for a simple and straightforward cake that could be a great starting point for a beginning baker, anxious to try out her or his new skills in the kitchen. The instructions and the ingredients are an easy blend that includes pumpkin, a great flavor to put into a cake. Pumpkin also gives terrific color and texture to any cake, as well. Pumpkin is a wonderful vegetable that can be used in both sweet and savory baking or cooking. You can bake a pumpkin whole stuffed with anything from sausage and onion to walnuts and chopped apple. It is a wonderfully diverse vegetable that can serve up in any number of ways.

Here, the pumpkin cake is topped with a lovely and tangy, cream cheese icing. Over that, plenty of pecans are sprinkled. Pecans are a great complement to the icing and to the cake, adding lots of protein, more fiber, plenty of vitamins and loads of minerals. Nuts are a great food to have regularly in your diet, filling you more quickly than some other foods and so possibly helping you to eat less and lose weight as well as offering so many nutritional benefits. Nuts and seeds should form a part of everyone’s daily food plan because they hold so many good components in them that we need to support our good health. So start with cake, and add plenty of nuts into as much of your baking as you can to bump up the nutritional value of whatever you are preparing for dinner tonight.

This is such an easy cake to make that bakes up in a Bundt pan for really good looks. A Bundt pan makes even the simplest cake look wonderful and elegant, and as though you have been slaving all day over the oven to produce it. So try this easy recipe, or have your up and coming baker try it for you. The results will bring you back to this recipe time and again. And your family will send you back to it, with lots of requests for more of it. Enjoy this cake soon.

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