Cinnamon Apple Coffee Cake

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This Cinnamon apple coffee cake recipe is a sweet treat that holds, as well, lots of great ingredients and nutrition for you and your family. It is always good to find snacks and sweet things that also provide a bit of goodness, and this little treat does just that. A cinnamon apple coffee cake brings with it the juicy goodness of apples and the surprising benefits of cinnamon together in a coffee cake recipe format that works wonderfully well for dessert, afternoon tea, or late night snack. This coffee cake recipe offers you one treat you can be happy to serve to everyone in the family. So make some up today. In fact, make up two. Freeze one that you can pull out later when you want something special to serve family and friends. And this cake holds a somewhat singular surprise.

This cake recipe is made using yeast, rather than some other leavening agent such as baking powder or baking soda. Are you surprised? The thing is, yeast results in a fabulous texture that fast working leavening agents just cannot match. The crumb, a word that is used to describe the inner texture of a food, is more like bread, chewier and more elastic, rather than crumbly (like cake or cookies). And that texture is a delightful one, and seems especially suited to an afternoon cake or evening snack (but that is a personal opinion, of course). So this Cinnamon apple coffee cake recipe is made with yeast and sweetened and enriched with the addition of eggs, sugar and milk, the usual triumvirate that is used to make breads richer and more cake like. The cake recipe suggests that you could use skim milk, but it is advisable not to do that. Use whole milk with all the fat it contains. That is because the whole point of the milk is to add richness, and much of it comes from the fat that is contained in it. And minimizing fat in this relatively low-fat dish is not really needed, would you agree?

This apple coffee cake recipe has several lovely layers, beginning with the yeast-based cake on the bottom. That layer is topped with beautifully chopped apples (see the photos on the website, Shugary Sweets, to view), and then a streusel crumb (crumb, in this case, meaning a lightly sweet and contrasting crunchy part), topped by a light glaze. You can skip the glaze if you would like a less sweet dish, or add some lemon juice or apple juice to make the glaze a more tart contrast to the entire cake. Either way, it is an optional part of the cake that you can add in or leave out of it as you and your family prefer your Cinnamon Apple Coffee Cake recipe. Enjoy it soon!

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