Cinnamon Roll Blondies

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If you adore your classic cinnamon roll recipe piping hot straight from the oven, you will love this cinnamon roll blondie recipe, which is less time consuming to pull together. This cinnamon roll blondie recipe has all the components you would expect from cinnamon rolls, including a cakey base, a cinnamon sugar mixture, and luscious cream cheese frosting. The best thing is that these blondies only take forty-five minutes to one hour to bake, which means you can enjoy cinnamon roll goodness in a fraction of the time.

This blondie recipe takes much less time than sweet rolls recipe because it relies on a blondie base rather than a yeast dough. In the case of cinnamon roll recipes, you combine a dough with yeast and allow it to rise for an hour or two before you can do anything with it. Then you assemble, cut into rolls and allow them to rise again. This easy blondie recipe is simply a matter of mixing batter and baking it, with no waiting for the dough to rise. These cinnamon rolls blondies will tempt you all week long whether it is for a quick breakfast in the morning or afternoon snack with a cup of coffee. If you can’t wait that long, this square recipe will be delicious out of the oven with oozing icing, but if you lean more towards a fudgier brownie, giving them time to relax in the fridge will bring out the blondies’ best quality.

The most resonating flavor in cinnamon bun recipes is of course, cinnamon. It is safe to say that most herbs and spices are underappreciated for what they can provide nutritionally and for living an overall healthy lifestyle, and cinnamon has many benefits. The nutritional value of cinnamon contains very high levels of dietary fiber, calcium, and manganese while it is also quite high in iron. Just one teaspoon of cinnamon will grant you five percent of your daily-recommended intake of fiber, two percent calcium, and one percent iron. On top of that, researchers believe that cinnamon lowers blood sugar making it an excellent spice to include in everyone’s diet. For this reason, cinnamon benefits weight loss as well, because it helps you maintain insulin at an even level, since its spikes of this hormone that can contribute to weight gain. Rather than just including cinnamon in all your dessert recipes, also add it to your porridge in the morning, make cinnamon and honey glazed carrots, or prepare a North African inspired roast chicken for dinner. Cinnamon is as beneficial in savory cooking as it is in sweet recipes.

This blondie recipe with swirls of cinnamon sugar right in the batter provides a satisfying dessert with a velvety cream cheese glaze. These blondies will eat just like traditional cinnamon bun recipes, but will take much less time to make. You might find yourself wanting to make a double batch; consider freezing one without the glaze for an easy dessert later on. Thank you to Christy, writer of ‘The Girl Who Ate Everything’ recipe blog, for sharing her cinnamon roll blondies recipe with us.

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