Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Bake

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If you love something sweet for breakfast, try this cinnamon roll breakfast bake recipe, which is made from scratch. Rather than using a store-bought cinnamon roll dough, Christy, the author of The Girl Who Ate Everything recipe blog, created this breakfast recipe with an entirely new method and ingredients in mind. Rather than utilising a store-bought cinnamon roll dough to make cinnamon roll baking easy, she uses French bread and custard to bind it into a delicious bake. This is bread pudding with the flavours of cinnamon buns and a drizzle of cream cheese frosting over the top. Christy accomplishes the cinnamon taste in this baked recipe by combining ground cinnamon with melted butter and brown sugar, and the mixture gets drizzled over the bread before baking. This creative bake will remind you of cinnamon rolls as soon as you taste it.

Whenever making a bread pudding recipe, it is important to ensure there is enough custard to bind everything together and that the bread has time to soak it all in. Christy recommends allowing the bread to soak with the custard for a minimum of four hours or overnight to ensure the bread became soft with all of the egg yolk and milk mixture. This dish involves the use of your choice of milk, and if you are lactose intolerant, you can substitute with your favourite non-dairy milk. In the case of the glaze, rather than cream cheese, you may make the classic cinnamon roll topping of powdered sugar, milk and vanilla. Although Christy mentions using a full loaf of French bread to make this breakfast, you can use whatever bread you like, even if it is stale. This is a great way of using up homemade bread that may have gone stale or use up other bread in your cupboard. A stale or drier bread is ideal for any bread pudding recipe because it will soak up the liquid thoroughly and won’t become soggy before being baked. This will be the most heartwarming breakfasts to serve to your family any day of the week, and easy casseroles like this are particularly good for serving to guests for a flavourful brunch. Whenever you decide to make this cinnamon bun recipe, it will be a favourite dish to be enjoyed by everyone.

Christy markets this cinnamon bake recipe as a hearty breakfast dish, but it would make an excellent comfort dessert during cold nights as well, especially if consumed warm from the oven. If you have a smaller family but would still like to make this dessert recipe, it will keep if you can’t eat it all, and it should reheat easily in the microwave or oven. One nice thing about this dessert it that anyone can make it, even if they are not a baker or just learning how. Since this dessert is meant to be rustic, you don’t have to worry about uniform cubes of bread. For this reason, children can help in the kitchen too, learning how to measure ingredients and what goes into their favourite cinnamon buns.

No matter if you are looking for gourmet recipes to serve for brunch or a comforting dessert, you must try this dish filled with cubes of bread, cinnamon sugar and cream cheese drizzle. Consider having this with your families during the holidays or baking off for a quick breakfast on weekdays. Your family and friends will love the pairing of eggy custard with cinnamon and brown sugar, and it will be a dish they will devour. Thank you to Christy, the author of The Girl Who Ate Everything recipe blog, for sharing her cinnamon roll breakfast bake recipe with us.

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