Cinnamon Roll Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

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This is a quick, easy and affordable cake filled with the flavors of cinnamon and cream cheese icing. It is a great cake for a beginner to make since it does have three steps that go in to the baking of it, but is still a straightforward creation that will bring great results.

Cinnamon is an ancient spice, used for many thousands of years throughout the ancient world. It found its way to Europe by about the mid-1500s. It was used for a wide range of purposes, ranging from preserving meat to anointing oil for religious purposes. Cinnamon was a highly prized spice while trade routes were in their early development and getting cinnamon from the Middle East to Europe was a long and treacherous journey. Eventually, though, as explorers found new routes and new places where cinnamon was grown, it became a commonplace spice. There are two kinds of cinnamon, one really Cassia, a spice related to cinnamon and what you normally buy in the grocery store, hails from Indonesia. Ceylon cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka, and is the cinnamon of artisan bakers. Both have the characteristic pungent and peppery flavor with the trace of mint of cinnamon, but Ceylon cinnamon is much more subtle and smooth. It is the better choice where you want to highlight the flavor or if you want to use cinnamon sticks that people might put in their mouths.

This cinnamon cake combines beautifully with the sharp cream cheese frosting. This is a great standby cake, and one that could probably freeze really well. If you keep cream cheese in the fridge on a regular basis for other purposes, then you can pull it out and make the frosting whenever you want to serve this cake. Think about doubling the recipe and freeze one-half for another time.

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