Cinnamon Roll Poke Cake

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A cinnamon roll poke cake combines the best of cake with the best of a cinnamon roll. Try this poke cake out tonight and you will see why so many people think that poke cakes are the best type of cake to make.

This recipe uses some pre-packaged ingredients so that this cake will come together quickly and easily. That means beginning bakers as well as old hands can put this together with superb results.

The poke in this poke cake involves different types of milks. For best flavor, then, be sure to let the cake sit to absorb fully all the milk and then chill it thoroughly so that the cake tastes its best.

This cake is quick and easy and the poke technique ensures a moist and tasty result. This cake is also inexpensive and so you can afford to make it often.

Cinnamon is a sweet and spicy, almost peppery, spice that is actually the bark of a tree. You can buy cinnamon in magnificent looking quills that can be added whole, or broken, to lovely drinks in the winter, or you can buy it ground. There are two types of cinnamon, Chinese and Ceylon, with nuances in the flavors and slightly different nutritional qualities.

There is much debate that only the Ceylon is true cinnamon whereas the Chinese is an imitation made from a related plant but not the tree. This is true; however, unless you plan to really get in to using cinnamon as an artisan baker, the imitation or whatever kind you can find in your grocery store, of cinnamon, will probably meet the needs of your baking. It is always fun to test taste the difference, and the Chinese is often only available as a quill (rolled bark). The flavor is also substantially softer and more subtle than what you get in the grocer. In any event, cinnamon is a great spice that is popular the world over.

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