Cinnamon Roll Whoopie Pie

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For an intriguing twist on the classic cinnamon roll recipe, why not try this cinnamon roll whoopie pie recipe? These cinnamon rolls are gorgeous, filled with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting and glazed with a white drizzle. This is the best cinnamon rolls recipe because even though they look complicated, they are a cinch to make. Tonia, the author of ‘The Gunny Sack’ recipe blog, uses Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Rolls to make this whoopie pie recipe extra easy, as well as the accompanying glaze. All you have to make from scratch is the frosting recipe, which is a simple five-ingredient recipe. Of course, you can feel free to use your favourite cinnamon bun recipe as a base for this cinnamon roll whoopie pie, but a good quality store-bought ingredient, like Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, is never a bad idea if you want to eat something satisfying in a hurry.

If you love the flavours of cinnamon and cream cheese, you will adore this easy cinnamon roll recipe. The cinnamon roll has origins in Sweden where it’s called kanelbulle, but the main difference between the Swedish cinnamon roll recipes and North American ones is the type of spices used. Swedish cinnamon buns typically have some ground cardamom infused into the batter in addition to cinnamon, whereas North American rolls contain just cinnamon. Also, while in North America, cinnamon roll recipes include a frosting glaze, Northern European cinnamon rolls are covered in nib or pearl sugar, which is coarse and won’t melt during baking. Despite the differences, one similarity is that all cinnamon buns include yeast-leavened dough for that lovely fermented flavour.

The origin of the whoopie pie is less clear than the cinnamon bun, but they were certainly created in the United States. Several states, including Pennsylvania, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, all claim the whoopie pie to have been theirs to start with, but whatever the truth, most agree that whoopie pies are a delectable sandwich cake treat. While cinnamon bun recipes only have a glaze drizzled on top, whoopie pies have a creamy frosting filling. Tonia includes both in her cinnamon roll whoopie pie recipe. She glazes the tops with Pillsbury cinnamon bun glaze and fills them with her homemade cream cheese frosting recipe. Tonia’s easy frosting recipe is a mixture of lightly cinnamon-spiced cream cheese, butter, and confectioner’s sugar, and it is very thick to stand up sandwiched between the top and bottom layers of the cinnamon roll. Using a star piping tip, you can pipe pretty rosettes of the icing between the layers, but feel free to experiment with different piping tips and techniques to obtain a unique finish to these cinnamon bun treats.

With the creamy cheese frosting, Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, and sugar glaze, this cinnamon roll recipe is the perfect marriage between the classic cinnamon bun and whoopee pie. Not to mention, easy as can be with the use of a few good quality store-bought ingredients. Thank you to Tonia, author of ‘The Gunny Sack’ recipe blog for sharing her comforting cinnamon roll whoopie pie recipe with us. **

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