Cinnamon Toast Cake Bites

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This cinnamon toast cake bites recipe is essentially a cupcake topped with a decadent cinnamon sugar mixture. The base is a lovely spiced cake that is fluffy, while the cinnamon sugar mixture bakes to be a crunchy textured top. Mary, the writer at Barefeet In The Kitchen recipe blog, came up with this cinnamon toast cupcake recipe when she was inspired by her favourite childhood snack, cinnamon toast. She used to sprinkle cinnamon sugar all over her toast for an easy after-school snack, and now she has elevated it for this tasty mini cake recipe. The muffin-like cake base gets topped with the cinnamon-sugar and butter mixture and baked on for a divine texture and flavour. If you are like her, and can’t get enough of cinnamon-based desserts, like cinnamon rolls, this comfort dessert will be the one for you.

These fun desserts start with a cake style base that is very easy to prepare. Flour, sugar, spices and milk are simply combined and scooped into a greased muffin tin. For the best results, always use a cookie scoop to divide the batter into the muffin cups. The scoop will help you keep the individual muffins at a uniform size, rather than having some larger ones and smaller ones. You could also use a quarter cup measure and fill it halfway if desired, but it is more challenging to get uniform amounts of batter. The topping for this cinnamon cake recipe consists of just three ingredients, which are added to the cakes later in the baking time. This topping adds the signature cinnamon sugar taste of cinnamon toast, which makes this cake bite recipe so addictive. Although you may be tempted to use margarine in this cake bites recipe, don’t. Butter has a much creamier texture and more milky flavour than margarine, which is why it will help produce the best results here. If you are on a gluten free diet, you aren’t out of luck when it comes to this dessert. Mary has provided a tip for creating a gluten free flour mix, rather than using all purpose flour. Instead of all purpose flour, she recommends using a combination of brown rice flour, potato starch and tapioca starch instead. Some companies are even coming out with gluten-free flour blends, which means you won’t have to go searching for individual bags of rice flour or potato starch if you don’t want to.

Although cinnamon frequently finds its way into dessert recipes, it is a very healthy spice. Cinnamon comes from the bark of a small tree that grows in warm climates like India, Brazil and Vietnam, and has a slightly bitter, spicy flavour. The nutritional value of cinnamon consists of generous levels of iron, calcium and dietary fibre, while it has been linked with regulating blood sugar as well. Some studies have shown that type two diabetics have had reduced blood sugar levels by taking several grams of cinnamon per day in capsule form. Considering that cinnamon may have the ability to help maintain blood sugar levels, it is no wonder it frequents in sweet treats like this cinnamon toast cake bites recipe.

If you adore the taste of cinnamon and sugar, this cake bite recipe will become a favourite of yours quickly. Compact in form, these cakes are great for packed school lunches or to take with you to work. They also don’t require cooling before serving, which means you can make these on a weeknight for a quick treat for the entire family. Thank you to Mary, the author of Barefeet In The Kitchen recipe blog, for sharing her cinnamon toast cake bites recipe with us.

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