Cirtus Spatchcock Chicken

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This Citrus Spatchcock Chicken Recipe is so amazing you'll never go back to the old way of roasting chicken again. Spatchcock or butterflied chicken is the ideal way of roasting chicken; it's sure to be the best roast chicken you will make. This method of cooking chicken cooks the meat more evenly and much quicker, the results are a juicier, more flavorful bird. To spatchcock a chicken, you will start by using sharp cooking shears, and remove the backbone of the chicken (you'll want to save this for making poultry stock for chicken noodle soup broth). Then flip the chicken over and press down on the breastbone until the chicken cracks and lays flat. Then place the chicken in a large ziplock bag. Squeeze citrus juice all over the chicken, you can use a combination of orange, lemon, and lime. Add some olive oil, salt, pepper, and freshly pressed garlic. Then seal the ziplock bag and allow the chicken to marinate anywhere between 3 to 24 hours. Then place the chicken on a cooking rack over a jellyroll pan, you can also roast the citrus peels alongside the chicken. Roast the chicken at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 50 minutes or until the juices run clear. Don't forget to save the chicken bones for chicken stock for a chicken noodle soup broth afterward. This chicken recipe is also a great way to have plenty of healthy leftover chicken recipes ideas.

If you look on the internet, you will find a wide variety of chicken recipes that use citrus from lemons to oranges to limes. When cooking chicken or turkey for that matter, citrus has long been used in recipes as it makes a good marinade for the bird to sit in, the steam inside the bird helps to release all the flavor. There is more than one variety of lemons. With some of the lemon varieties to include the Eureka lemon or the four seasons lemon which grows abundantly all year long, this is the type of lemon that you will most often find at your grocery store. There is the Femminello St. Teresa lemon or Sorrento lemon which is native to Italy and is very high in lemon oils. This variety of lemon is traditionally used in the making of limoncello.

The Meyer lemon is a cross somewhere between a lemon and possibly an orange or a mandarin. Meyer lemons have a thinner skin than the Eureka lemon and require more care when shipping. The color of the Meyer lemon is a bright yellow compared to the Eureka lemon. The Ponderosa lemon is very thick-skinned and large variety of lemon. The Ponderosa is likely a citron-lemon hybrid. The Yen Ben variety of lemon is an Australasian cultivar. The Bonnie Brae lemon variety is a smooth, thin-skinned and seedless lemon that is mostly grown in San Diego County. Thank you to Melissa for sharing this recipe for citrus spatchcock chicken on the "Chin Deep" recipe site. Some of the other food ideas you will find on the site include main dish ideas, salad recipes, drink recipes, dressing recipes, dessert recipes and more. *

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