Classic Banana Puddings

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This is a recipe that uses all diet or reduced calorie or fat ingredients in order to achieve its claim to Guilt-Free Classic Banana Puddings. So the recipe has reduced fat cookies, lower fat milk and other lower fat ingredients. That means the calorie count and fat count will be reduced. Hopefully, that is what you want to have happen, and so you will be able to indulge in these yummy puddings.

Bananas are a great food. They are naturally low in fat, sodium and cholesterol. They are packed with vitamin C, potassium and lots of fiber. They have only about 90 calories in an average sized piece of the fruit. Let them get really ripe before you use them so the flavor is at its best and fruit is really sweet. Be sure to use the real scraped vanilla bean rather than an imitation vanilla. The flavor is wonderful. Scraped bean will add a bit of a grainy texture to the dish, but it still tastes great. And don’t throw out the bean when you finish scraping it. If you are not quite sure what to do with it, pop it in to a ziplock bag with about two cups of sugar. In a month or so, the vanilla will have permeated the sugar and it will scent wonderfully. Don’t toss out the bean yet, either. Carefully pound or if you have an extra fine grinder, entirely pulverize the bean. Put it in to a small jar and stick it in the fridge. The next time a recipe calls for vanilla paste, you will have your own.

Make these banana puddings with the reduced fat ingredients in order to save calories and fat in this fun treat. Let the bananas get really ripe to help sweeten the dish. Every one will enjoy the fresh fruit and cream. Try this recipe soon!

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