Classic Blueberry Pie

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This classic blueberry pie recipe with the lattice top is the perfect addition to any picnic, barbecue or dessert table. This easy pie recipe is a great recipe to make, especially when you have extra fresh blueberries. There's nothing quite like a homemade blueberry pie, served with some vanilla ice cream or whipped cream topping. The pie dough recipe can be used for any fruit pie. It's a simple, and easy recipe to make, that uses butter instead of shortening, making for an extra flaky crust. You can use any crust top, but the lattice top looks especially nice with the blueberries peeking through.

Any time you add blueberries to a recipe you are getting lots of nutritional value into your day. Blueberries have moderate levels of dietary fiber and Vitamin C, along with minimal amounts of Vitamin A, calcium, and iron. Besides being delicious, blueberries are good for you as they are a natural source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are good for you because, over time, free radicals in the body may contribute to cancer and other diseases. So any fruits and vegetables that have antioxidants may offer help to neutralize the free radicals, making antioxidant-rich foods an important part of a healthy diet. When blueberries are eaten raw, they have especially high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants in blueberries may also help reduce age-related mental decline. Another bonus to eating blueberries is that they are low in calories, so you don't have to worry about eating lots. Studies suggest that blueberries may offer some powerful and long-lasting health benefits. One study found that by eating a cup of blueberries per week blood pressure can be lowered and may help speed up metabolism. Another study suggests that consuming blueberries can help lower levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) which may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Blueberries may also help to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. Blueberries are considered to be a superfood that are good to eat on a regular basis as they are full of nutrients and have other health benefits.

Other interesting facts about blueberries is that the state of Maine produces more blueberries than anywhere else in the world. Blueberries can be used as a natural and healthy food dye. It is said that the American colonists boiled blueberries with milk to make gray paint. The perfect blueberry should have a dusty color. You don’t wash off that dusty color until you’re ready to eat them, as a rinse softens the blueberries, which can make them spoil quicker. Blueberries are the perfect addition to some of the best pie recipes, but also just as good eaten raw. Thank you to Ashley for sharing this good pie recipe for blueberry pie on the Spoonful of Flavor site. This is just one of the easy pie recipes you will find on the site. Other recipe ideas include breakfast, dessert recipes, good pie recipes, healthy recipes, side dish ideas, main dish, one pot, snack ideas and so much more. **

Nutrition Facts for: Classic Blueberry Pie from Spoonful of Flavor
Ingredients: Flour, sugar, salt, unsalted butter, water, blueberries, lime juice and zest, egg.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet.* The entire recipe has been calculated for 8 servings.* Per Serving: Calories 465, Calories from Fat 218, Total Fat 24.2g 37%, Saturated Fat 14.8g 74%, Cholesterol 82mg 27%, Sodium 173mg 7%, Potassium 155mg 4%, Carbohydrates 65.2g 22%, Dietary Fiber 4.9g 20%, Sugars 51.2g, Protein 3.0g, Vitamin A 15%, Vitamin C 61%, Calcium 3%, Iron 14%

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