Classic Bread and Butter Pickles

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There are so many different types of pickles and ways to pickle so many things that it can be hard to pick a favorite. Still, classic bread and butter pickles are my hands down favorite. Whether it is because those are the pickles I grew up on, or because they are so simple to make, they are the pickle I would choose to take with me if I were sent to live alone on a deserted island. Fortunately, that is not likely to happen, so I can continue to enjoy the many and varied pickles and pickled foods that are available!

Fundamentally, a food is pickled when it is submersed in a brine or vinegar and undergoes anaerobic fermentation. That means the process happens without any oxygen in it. As well, pickling requires the ph or acidity level to be at or below 4.6. That is why pickled things always taste quite sharp on the tongue. Some examples of pickled foods include feta cheese, pickles, of course, many Asian vegetables and some fruits. It is critical to ensure that the process is done properly so that bacteria do not enter in to the vegetable.

Classic bread and butter pickles are made from cucumbers. Cucumbers are generally grown as two types, one for eating fresh from the garden, and a small, more dense and compact variety that is generally used for pickling. It is important to get the right one for best results. They are always labeled at the grocery store. And pickling cucumbers usually are only available in the summer time.

If you have never pickled before, try out this recipe. It is a fascinating process to see how foods are made, and this process is particularly unique. If you have little ones, let them watch and help where they can. They can learn about the pickling process, and soon they will want to engage in their own adventures with this interesting and delicious way to preserve foods. Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Better Homes and Gardens, by following the link below.

Nutrition Facts for: Classic Bread and Butter Pickles From Better Homes and Gardens
Ingredients: Small cucumbers, onions, pickling salt or kosher salt, crushed ice, granulated sugar, cider vinegar, mustard seeds, celery seeds, fresh ginger.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 5 pint size servings. * Per each pint serving: Calories 563, Calories from Fat 17, Total Fat 1.9g 3%, Saturated Fat 0.2g 1%, Cholesterol 0mg 0%, Sodium 6934mg 289%, Potassium 593mg 17%, Carbohydrates 137.1g 46%, Dietary Fiber 3.1g 12%, Sugars 127.0g, Protein 3.5g, Vitamin A 5%, Vitamin C 17%, Calcium 10%, Iron 11%

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