Classic Canada Dry Gingers Ale and 7UP Punch Recipes

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Try these Canada Dry Gingers Ale and 7UP Punch Recipes for some fun drinks for kids. Water, although being the healthiest for us,is not really considered a party drink, especially when you want something fun to celebrate a special occasion like to add to a birthday party food menu. Even if you are an adult it can be fun to have these kinds of special drinks for celebrations and parties. Especially if you don't partake in alcoholic beverages at parties and want something special that you can drink to celebrate the occasion. Drink recipes like these fizzy drink recipes can be used for any occasion like birthday parties, dinner gatherings, potlucks, Christmas dinners, Thanksgiving dinners, Easter dinners and even just for fun. All you need is a few ingredients and you have yourself a lovely drink that you can enjoy and share with others.

Of course, you also want to make sure that you and your children are getting enough water to be properly hydrated as sodas will not properly hydrate the body. We don't worry so much about fluid intake in the winter, although we should but when the summer heats up, we worry that our kids may not be taking in as much fluid as their little bodies need to stay hydrated. Children race around, jump on the trampoline, jump in and out of the pool, play baseball, and lie in the shade under their favorite tree, but somehow they never seem to make it into the kitchen to take a drink. Children who look unusually flushed and hot or overly sweaty need to be tended to, to ensure they have enough fluids in them and stay hydrated during those hot summer days. There are just too many other more interesting things to do that they might forget if they are not reminded that it needs to be a part of their self care. We can also be good examples for our children in showing them how well we take care of ourselves by drinking enough water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Rachel, the creator of Eazy Peazy Meals, has four kids so she knows how to make food and drinks that both kids and adults will go for. She also knows to keep it budget friendly. And these recipes fit the bill on both counts. As another bonus, the recipe is so easy to make it will be put together in minutes. Although Rachel uses a food processor to make things super easy, you could also blend everything by hand. And this recipe won't even require you to make up extra ice cubes. It's that simple.

Try one of these recipes out and see what a big hit they can be as kid friendly recipes. You can also make healthy drinks for kids to help encourage them to drink more water. You can make easy kid friendly recipes with fruit and filtered water and put these drinks into fun containers such as small jars with colorful straws or umbrellas or with spears of fresh fruit. Watermelon, lemons, strawberries or whatever fruit happens to be in season can work well. Flavor the water with lemon, lime, ginger or mint, then see if the kids don't come running. They will likely be trailed by thirsty adults too. You can try both types of drink recipes out yourself and share them with your own friends to see how they like them. These types of items are always great to add to a birthday party food menu for that birthday boy or girl of any age so keep them handy. Thank you to Rachel from Eazy Peazy Meals for this awesome list of Classic Canada Dry Gingers Ale and 7UP Punch Recipes we can all try out and enjoy.*

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