Classic Carrot Cake

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Does any other cake beat a Classic Carrot Cake recipe? Not in my books! Of course, we all have our favorite cake, cookie and other treat, but for me, the classic carrot cake takes the cake. And, of course, this carrot cake recipe also includes the standard cream cheese frosting that works so well with the flavor of this cake. This carrot cake recipe is surprisingly easy to make, given just how decadent its flavor and look are. That is, in part, because the ingredients are really a terrific blend that yields a great, moist cake that tastes fantastic. There are few risks when you make this cake, since under baking it is unlikely, and over baking it will not dry it out too severely since the cake is made with oil (not butter).

This carrot cake recipe yields a big cake. How can you tell? Most cake recipes will generally have not more than two cups of flour in the recipe for a standard cake. In this carrot cake recipe, the cake recipe calls for a big three cups of flour and another three cups of sugar. But what sets this cake apart from other cakes is the blend of nuts, vegetables and fruit that, combined with the cinnamon spice, give this cake a nearly exotic, or Christmas fruit cake taste and texture. The cake has four unusual, or perhaps just different ingredients. They include the carrots that are shredded in to the cake that give moistness, texture and color. There are the pecans, which add lovely and tender texture and slightly sweet taste. The coconut is a chewy addition, with plenty of buttery and coconut-y taste. Finally, the tart and tangy pineapple provides a surprise taste against the smoothness of the nuts, carrot and coconut. Altogether, these flavors, especially bathed in the cinnamon spice provide a really unique result in this cake.

This cake is worthy of your finest visitors or guests, but easy enough to pull together for any night of the week. It is usually served with the standard cream cheese frosting, which is great. However, for something really special on this cake, consider the French roux frosting that traditionally went on the Red Velvet cake. That icing, made by first heating milk and flour together to create a thick roux, and then beating in butter and sugar, is incomparable, and is so rarely made that when people do taste it, they are quite taken aback by it. It is a perfect complement to this carrot cake. Enjoy this cake soon with its lush ingredients and exotic taste. It is worth the little bit of extra work involved in grating the carrots. Enjoy this carrot cake recipe soon.

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