Classic Creme Brulee

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Do you always choose creme brulee for dessert when you're out for dinner? This delicious classic creme brulee recipe teaches you exactly how to make the dessert just like the restaurants that serve creme brulee. So now you can enjoy the creamy, smooth creme brulee custard with the perfect crunchy caramelized top right at home. You could even pull out this recipe to make for a party or a dinner gathering and really impress your guests. Many people are too intimidated to make classic creme brulee, Mel from Mel's Kitchen says that for her personally, the intimidation may have come from having to use a torch for the recipe. You do have to use a torch for the final preparation of the recipe, but it's really just for a few seconds to make the sugar into the crystalline topping. After making the creme brulee dish for the first time, Mel realized that it's not a very difficult recipe to make after all. So she's now passed it onto us so we can try making a creme brulee dish at home sooner as opposed to later. Creme brulee is simply a tempered cream and egg mixture that gets baked in a dish with water in it, otherwise known as a water bath. Some cheesecake recipes use this method too.

Mel also mentions that you can make this recipe three days in advance, store it in the fridge to keep it cool and then add the sugar topping on when you're ready to serve it. Creme brulee is usually made in a small dish called a ramekin which makes it perfect for personal sized servings. Any size or style of small ramekin will work just fine. To make a creme brulee with more sugar topping to cream filling use a shallower dish, for more cream to sugar topping use a deeper dish. You will also need to invest in a good blowtorch for the kitchen, or maybe you know someone who you can borrow one from. You also need the butane fuel for the blowtorch as well, and it wouldn't hurt to do some practice before you try it out on this recipe. The creme brulee dish is well known for including many egg yolks in it. In this case, the recipe requires 8 egg yolks in total. Egg yolks are perfect for making custards, while the whites are great for to use in other recipes like a meringue topping for a lemon meringue pie.

One of the first cookbooks that creme brulee first showed up in was François Massialot's collection of recipes from 1691. Later on, in the 1700s creme brulee was also called burnt creme in an English cookbook. It would later go on to be a well-known and well-loved dessert recipe, and there are still many restaurants that serve creme brulee as an after-dinner dessert. Some restaurant chefs even put their own spin on the classic creme brulee dish adding in different flavours to make in unique. For example, there are not chocolate flavoured creme brulees as well as chai flavoured creme brulee and fruit flavoured recipes too. Now that veganism is more popular and more people are allergic or sensitive to dairy; there are dairy-free versions of the recipe now too. The egg and the cream are replaced with some coconut milk with full fat, almond milk, cornstarch and nutritional yeast. This will provide the thick and creamy custard, and then you simply use the same ingredients for the topping which will just be some simple white sugar. Enjoy this dessert recipe for creme brulee and take a chance on making it at home.***

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