Classic Lasagna Recipe

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This is a classic lasagna recipe and a great one to start with, if it is your first time making something that is a bit complicated, layered and so on. Lasagna is a fabulous dish, full of tomato flavor, plenty of meat, and, of course, loads of cheese. Some recipes may add as many as four cheeses, not to mention at least three meats. Sauces can be simmered for days in some secret household recipes, and if you get lucky enough to taste these entirely dee-lish family recipes, be sure to thank the host profusely. Those are wondrous foods. I had an Italian friend who even brought his tomato seeds from Italy to plant and grow his own tomatoes for his sauces. His food was good.

Italian food is some of the best food you can eat, especially if you get the chance to try their seafood creations. Here, we stick with the basic lasagna, but even in its simple preparation, made with great ingredients, you can taste just how good the food from this culture is. The Romans knew what they were doing in terms of their food. This recipe is a good one to get some help in making. That is because there are a lot of parts to the recipe, even if you use a commercial sauce. And it is fun putting the layers together with someone else helping out. So get those young cooks and little hands up and at the kitchen counter when you put this dish together. Pay them in strips of fresh mozzarella. They will love it.

This dish takes some time to put together and bake. It is well worth the extra time and effort to create this very nutritious and filling dish for your family. Make it for them soon.

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