Classic Mustard Potato Salad

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Does anything say summer time quite like potato salad? This classic mustard potato salad will soon become a family and friend favorite at every hot weather gathering. It is quick to prepare, delicious to eat, and has the nutrition of potatoes to fill your tummy and feed your body. What could be better?

The recipe creator, Rachael, is a mom to four kids and so keeping it simple, nutritious and delicious is important for her and her family. She makes this as a staple food for her family during BBQ season. You will too.

One secret to this recipe is the use of sweet onion rather than a yellow onion. Yellow onions are terrific, of course, but when used raw they can be quite strong. Sweet onions are more mellow and, with a potato salad blended with other delicate flavors such as mayonnaise and mustard, work best for maximum great taste.

This recipe is packs some great nutrition punch. Potatoes and eggs have sometimes been forgotten good foods. Potatoes contain almost half your daily need for vitamin C, are loaded with potassium (even more than broccoli or a banana) and also contain vitamin B6. They are low in calories and have no fats, sodium or cholesterol. You can eat them with or without their skin. The skin does contain plenty of fiber, but if you dont like it, leave it out. Theres still plenty to good for you stuff left inside.

Eggs are the gold standard for protein. They contain only about 75 calories each, but have about seven grams of protein and 1.6 grams of saturated fat. They are chock full of vitamins, minerals and disease-fighting nutrients. Eggs also contain carotenoids which are thought to help reduce macular degeneration, a disorder affecting the eyes and that are the leading cause of blindness in older adults. Eggs also contain surprising amounts of vitamin E and other vitamins critical to good health. Eggs were once eschewed by the medical association because they contain a lot of cholesterol. Today, though, we know that saturated fats are much worse sources and the recommended egg consumption for an adult is as much as one egg every day.

For kids who need extra nutrition, easy to pack snacks, and wholesome and filling foods, not much beats eggs.

Together, potatoes and eggs make a potato salad a great source of good hearty food for your family. Serve it next to some grilled chicken and steamed asparagus and youve got a dinner combination thats hard to beat. Try it tonight!

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