Classic Southern Biscuits and Gravy

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Nothing says comfort with more conviction than this recipe for Classic Southern Biscuits and Gravy. And when it is made in the South, you just know it is going to be loaded with rich butter, milk, sausage and all things wonderful. This dish is simple, always made from scratch in homes in the deep South, and a combination of biscuits and gravy that is incomparable—like all great Southern cooking.

These biscuits are made from scratch (of course). The include both butter and shortening (of course) as well as buttermilk. Buttermilk is an excellent liquid to make biscuits. It ensures a tender, melt in your mouth result, with a tangy finish. The gravy in these Classic Southern Biscuits and Gravy is also very special, loaded with pork sausage that makes the gravy sing (and so will you, once you try this fantastic sauce). If you have never had this dish, be sure to try it. It tastes great, whenever and wherever you make it. Serve it for Sunday brunch, at lunch or even dinner. Even make it as a snack late at night.

Classic Southern Biscuits and Gravy is just one more fabulous dish that comes from the deep South region of the United States. As always, these recipes are rich and delicious, with unbeatable flavor combinations, that make them not only hard to resist, but also almost impossible to stop eating once you dig in. This particular dish is sometimes made with either scrambled eggs or chopped tomatoes. Any way it is served, this is comfort food that you and your family will return to time and again. This is not a dish to count calories, or check for nutrient balance. It is something you eat because it tastes out of this world. Enjoy it soon.

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