Classic Vanilla Bundt

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What is it about vanilla flavor? It seems to never wear off on us! This delicious Classic Vanilla Bundt recipe will prove that simple desserts are worth a lot of praise and everything a cake lover can ask. This recipe is so simple to make and comes out unbelievably moist with a divine vanilla scent to it that is not overbearing or strong but just right. The texture of this cake is dense and not spongy because of the butter but still very soft with a tender crumb to it. While you can never deny yourself a piece of plain vanilla cake on its own, you can also serve it topped with whipped cream, chocolate ganache, berries or any frosting of your choice. Sometimes you need to strip off all the extras to relish a pure taste of a classic vanilla cake, and that is exactly what this recipe is all about. A word of caution here though, please do not use artificial vanilla at any cost because that will not have the same impact or flavor. If possible, use a vanilla bean or these days you also get real vanilla bean paste at baking stores which will work equally great for this recipe.

A classic vanilla cake recipe is great for making birthday cakes that call for an elaborate frosting or fillings. Even though making a classic vanilla cake sounds simple with everyday ingredients like butter, flour, sugar, and eggs, there are certain tips you could use to get the best result possible. Baking cakes can be tricky sometimes and achieving the perfectly moist vanilla cake can also tend to dry in texture due to lack of moisture or sometimes simply because it may not have risen well enough. Cake baking is truly an art. Resist the urge to over whisk the eggs or the cake batter. Over whisking the cake batter can deflate the air bubbles which can make it hard for the cakes to rise due to which the cake can come out hard and dry. Always double sift the flour to create air in it. Another tip for achieving optimum taste and texture in cakes is to always stick to using quality ingredients. A good brand of butter that is exclusively meant for baking will impact the cake in a big way. Always use room temperature eggs to help them whisk better with other ingredients. If you don’t have the time, you can run the cold eggs under hot water for about a minute or so to get them warmed up before whisking.

Sometimes we don’t have the best luck with unfolding the cake from a Bundt pan. Often, the cake usually falls apart halfway. To prevent this, it’s important to grease the pan thoroughly and dust enough flour to cover the pan. After pouring the batter into the pan, thump it a few times to let the air pockets escape and allow the batter to settle in all the corners of the pan. Always let the cake stand for ten minutes to cool off and invert the pan to get a beautiful bundt mould cake.

This vanilla cake recipe qualifies for the most indulging comfort dessert you can make. Thank you to Lisa at the Flour Me With Love food blog for sharing this Classic Vanilla Bundt recipe with us. Great-tasting cakes don’t have to be complicated or difficult, and this cake just proves that. Do visit Lisa’s blog for more amazing cake recipes that are fun and easy to bake. The simplicity of this cake makes it so wonderful wanting for more servings. Enjoy!!

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