Clay Pot Christmas Crafts

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Try out some of these great clay pot Christmas crafts this season and see how fun diy projects can bring some Christmas spirit into your home. If you love to make crafts each holiday season, you'll love these cute diy ideas. There are so many wonderful fun diy projects to try so you'll have no shortage of crafts. They are also a great activity for the whole family to do together creating lasting memories that can be remembered each year. There are tons of great ideas from The Keeper Of The Cheerios for how to make terra cotta planting pots into cute CHristmas ornaments and decorations. These are super easy to make, and they're also very affordable. You just have to get some terra cotta pots. You can look for some at home that you're not using anymore that you could repurpose for these diy ideas. Also, thrift stores are a great place to find these clay pots as well. The dollar store is a good place to buy them brand new and home improvement, or gardening centres will be sure to have some. It's always nice to recycle old items, but make sure if you're recycling used pots that you give them a really good cleaning first with some hot water and dish soap. Then, allow them to dry out completely for a day or two before you start painting them or applying glue to them.

You can use any size of clay pot for each of these diy ideas. Some of them will require that you use specific sizes. You can also put these decorations inside or outside and keep them for yourself or give them away as gifts. One of the cutest ideas on the list are the clay pot candy jars. You just need one clay pot, a clay tray that goes under the pot, a glass bowl and a wooden ball. You can paint your clay items and the wooden ball any colour you like. For a Christmas look, red, green or white would look great. Even metallic colours would be nice. Allow the paint to dry completely and then put some glue on the bottom of the glass bowl and then flip the clay pot upside down. Put the bottom of the glass bowl on the bottom of the pot and hold for a minute to stick them together. Then, you'll make a lid for the glass candy bowl. Just turn the clay tray upside down and glue the wooden ball to the top and middle of the tray and you have your cute lid. Once everything is dry, you can fill your new candy dish with candies and set them out on display.

The tall nutcracker statues are pretty great statement pieces for your front door or porch. All you do is gather 6 clay pots of the same size then glue them together to create a tall pillar. Make three pairs of the six pots, and you will glue the open ends of the pots together. Once they are dry, you can glue the bottoms of the pot pairs to each other to create the tall stack of pots. Then, once that is dry, you can paint it up like a nutcracker. You can even glue fabric on to make the beard and the hair for the nutcrackers and use wooden pieces to create the arms. These would also look great indoors by the front door or maybe by the fireplace. You can even make them in different sizes. Enjoy checking out all of the different fun diy project you can try this Christmas and give some of them a go.***

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