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We'd all like to have an easier time cleaning our homes, right? Bet you never thought that the solution would combine your power tools and cleaning tools though. This is one of the simple life hacks that will make scrubbing much easier for you and it only requires a few extra supplies. Usually when we're faced with a cleaning job that requires scrubbing, we might be a little put off by all of the effort we have to put into it. Sometimes scrubbing things like your tiles or your car tires can take a lot of extra elbow grease and energy that could be saved if you employed smart cleaning tips like this one in your life. For this genius cleaning tip you'll be making a power cleaning brush out of your power drill and a brush attachment that you make yourself. The whole thing is really easy to make and also affordable. You can find most of the supplies at the hardware store too. All you need is a bolt, a washer a long machine screw, a brush head replacement for a soap dispensing cleaning brush and your drill. Any power drill will work for this hack.

First, gather your supplies and screw the machine screw through the hole in the top of the brush head. Make sure that the threading is on the underside of the brush as this will create the attachment for your dill head. Then put the washer on the underside of the screw and secure to the brush with the bolt by tightening it with a wrench. Just don't tighten it too hard or else the plastic will crack. Next, attach your newly made brush attachment to the drill as you would any other drill bit and secure it in place so it doesn't slide out. Turn on or plug in your drill and test it to see that the placement is good and that it spins around easily. Make any adjustments if needed. To clean something, you can spray the surface with the cleaner of your choice and then place the bristles of the brush on the surface and push the trigger on the drill to get some fast scrubbing action. Or, you can make a soapy solution and dip the brush in the soapy water just to slightly wet the bristles and scrub away. Just be very careful not to submerge the drill in water or get it too wet.

You could say that this is a lazy way of cleaning, but simple life hacks like this are actually really smart. They save us time and a lot of energy in the process. Plus, this power head brush can do certain things that a normal scrubbing pad and some elbow grease can't. You may have tried scrubbing your tile grout for example, but the stains just don't come out, but with the extra power of the drill behind the bristles, you'll find that your tile grout cleans up really easily. Or if you need to spruce up your bike, the power tool brush will work perfectly for getting into all of the nooks and crannies on the bike, especially the tires. You can also use this brush on your car tires and rims too to get them looking much cleaner. This is just one of the many great simple life hacks from Buzz Feed you can try out in your home. They have tons of great how-to videos for cleaning tips as well as recipe ideas that are super easy to create. Enjoy this cleaning tip and others and be sure to share with your friends.***

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