Clean Out the Pantry Throw Together Soup

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There's nothing better than finding a recipe online that you have all of the ingredients for already. That's what makes this recipe from Big Bear's Wife so great. This is a clean out the pantry and throw the ingredients together in a soup recipe which is great for those days when you're really not sure what to make. These types of easy dinner ideas are also great for when you're in between grocery shopping trips, and you just need to clean out the pantry before you go out and buy more food. A simple, homemade meal like this could also be great for students or young adults who don't have a lot of money for food. It's a way better and healthier option than mac and cheese or packaged noodle soups. The recipe comes from Angie of Big Bear's Wife who's all about homemade meals and easy dinner ideas. She loves healthy, fresh and organic foods, but she's also not afraid to use a canned product here and there. This BBQ Hamburger Soup is one of the easy soup recipes that she uses to clean out her pantry. She, like many of us, can admit that there may be an accumulation of random foods that just sit in there for a very long time.

Most often, we usually make a meal plan for the week and buy the ingredients we know we will need. But what if we challenged ourselves like Angie has and make ourselves make dinner only using what we already have on hand? This way we use up some food that needs to be eaten, so we're not wasting food. We also save some money and time having to go to the grocery store to pick up other ingredients. Plus, it's nice to just stay at home once you've gotten in from work and not have to go out again. This homemade soup only takes about an hour to prepare, and it gives you about 8 to 12 servings which is a lot. This could be one of the easy dinner ideas you create for your family since it will feed them all for a few days. You could even freeze some of the soup and then have it ready for another time when you're not feeling up to cooking a huge meal. The other nice thing about this soup is all of the great ingredients which make it so hearty. All you'll need is some ground beef, which is always best to get organic and pasture raised, so there are fewer hormones and antibiotics as well as fat.

If you want, you can also leave the meat out entirely or use a vegetarian meat onion or a leaner ground meat like chicken or turkey. For that hamburger flavour, you'll also add in some brown sugar bbq sauce. Then some black beans, sliced carrots, yellow corn, and green peas. Use beef, chicken or vegetable broth depending on your preference and a can of pasta sauce. Then, use your favourite hamburger spice and some garlic powder as well as some salt and pepper to taste. You'll also need some macaroni which will add some more substance to the soup. Once you have all of your ingredients or a variation of these ingredients depending on what you have in your own kitchen, you can start cooking your soup. You basically cook and season the meat as you would if you were making burgers. Then you pour in the broth and the pasta and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and add in the peas, corn, carrots and beans. Then the BBQ sauce. Allow it to simmer until the noodles are cooked and serve warm.***

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