Clean Your Oven Racks In the BATHTUB

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Checking out the inside of your oven only to find out how dirty it is can come as a surprise. You might even be tempted to just close the door and hide the mess away, but it's best to clean your oven regularly to keep it in good condition. Burnt on and stuck on food and grease can really pile up in your oven, not only on the bottom but on the sides and the roof as well as the racks you put food onto. Cleaning the inside of the oven is simple enough, and there are so many great cleaning tips and simple life hacks that help making cleaning your oven easier. But then what about the oven racks? They can be pretty tricky to get completely clean because of the small wires in the rack and also because they are too big to fit in your kitchen sink usually. The trick is to clean your oven racks in your bathtub. This will allow you to lay them down completely and then submerge them in water with some cleaning products in there to loosen up all of the grease and grime and stuck on food. And don't worry, this won't scratch the bottom of your tub either.

Instead of using the self-cleaning option on your oven, just open it up and take out the racks, then, take them into the bathroom to your bathtub. Before you lay them in your bathtub, make sure to lay down a couple of old towels, so you don't scratch your tub. Next, fill the bathtub with hot water until the racks are submerged and then add in half a cup of dish soap and 6 dryer sheets. The dryer sheets apparently really help to loosen the stuck on grime because of the fabric softener in them. So let this all sit overnight, or for at least 8 hours during the day. When time is up, or the next day, drain the water and then you can start scrubbing and rinsing the grease and gunk off of the racks. You can use a scrubbing brush or pad to really get to all of the burnt on food and grime, or even a cleaning toothbrush. You can also use the dryer sheets to scrub the racks as well and even use a couple of new ones. After all the gunk is removed from your racks, you can then rinse them off one final time and then leave them to air dry or dry them with a towel or two.

Once you're all done cleaning your racks, you can then clean out your bathtub as well, so any debris from your oven racks isn't left behind for your next shower or bath. The best thing is, since you used the towels, there won't be any scratches on your tub and you can just throw the dirty towels in the laundry right away. There are also some simple life hacks and cleaning tips you can use for cleaning your oven easily too. Using baking soda and white distilled vinegar seems to be the best way to clean the inside of your oven. Just take some baking soda and pour some into a container and then slowly add water to make a thick paste. Once you have your paste, use a sponge to spread it all over the inside of your oven and then let it sit overnight. The next day, take some white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the inside of the oven and start scrubbing. You'll see how quickly all of the grime and grease comes right off.***

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