Cleaning and Lube Your Tower Fan to Keep it Running

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Most people don't know that their tower fans need to be cleaned regularly. These fans can get really clogged up with pet hair and dust, so it's important to clean all of that out entirely. In the summertime people usually have a couple of these tower fans operating in their homes to keep the air circulating. Usually, by the end of the season, the fan will be covered in dust on the inside, and you will also see dust accumulated on the little vents at the back and front of the fan. One Hometalk member shares her cleaning tips and simple life hacks on how to properly clean a tower fan so that it can keep running for years and you don't have to buy a new one. She's had her same tower fan for almost 10 years, and since she has taken the time to clean it each year, it's still running very well. The only time that it stops working is when there is too much dust and hair built up. Also, the parts need to be greased up a bit as well to keep them running properly. So she teaches us the simple life hack of taking apart your fan to clean it really well. Before you take apart your fan, make sure it's unplugged of course. Never open up a fan while it's plugged in and don't plug it back in until you're done this cleaning tip.

Then you have to remove the back of the fan. In order to do this, you will have to unscrew the screws at the back of the fan. Sometimes there are two screws, and sometimes more, it just depends on the type of fan you have. Unscrew the screws and then slowly separate the back of the fan from the front using a screwdriver to gently pry open the fan. You'll hear a popping sound which means one side is open and you can then do the same to the other side until you hear that popping noise again. Don't pull the back of the fan straight off, but pull it upwards to pull it off because there are usually two little clasps at the bottom that keep the bottom part in place and you don't want to crack them. Once the entire back of the fan is off of the fan, you can then see the fan blades and the motor parts. You can take a brush and clean off the dirty blades of the fan by brushing all sides of the blades. You can also try using your vacuum with a brush attachment on it too to try and get off all of the dust and hair. It's best to do this outside or in your garage, so you don't get dust and hair everywhere.

It's wild how much dust and hair accumulate on the fan blades over time. So it will feel really satisfying to get it all off. While you have the plastic back of the fan off, you can clean the dust and hair off of that too by cleaning it in the bath tub. Just use some cleaning spray and spray the whole thing down. Then use a brush to clean in between the spaces of the fan cover. Rinse off the plastic backing with your detachable shower head or your faucet and allow it to air dry completely before you put it back on. While you have the back off, you can also spray some WD40 on the motor to keep it greased and working properly. Check out the full cleaning tip and more cleaning tips and simple life hacks from Hometalk.***

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