Cleaning Tips to Extend the Life of your Home

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You have your dream home, which you have worked very hard for; now, it’s time to figure out some routine maintenance that will maintain your home for years to come. Once you have decorated and renovated your home to your taste, the only way to keep things looking fresh and beautiful is to employ some cleaning tips that will extend your home’s life for the long term. The ‘Room Decoration’ website displays house cleaning tips and tricks for cleaning items like furniture, gorgeous wooden floors, and specially renovated kitchens, which are all elements you will want to maintain the appearance of for a long time. The best way to maintain these prominent household items and furniture is through proper cleaning, and as a result, your home will retain its immaculate feel.

In the ‘Room Decoration’s’ article on extending the life of your home, they list several household cleaning tips for every fixture of your home, from floors to doors. If you have wooden floors, you know what a statement they can make and will want to undergo cleaning measures to keep the wood looking shiny and new. The best way for cleaning wooden floors is to use a soft mop, which won’t scratch the floors. By running the mop over the floors, you can easily lift up dust that will reduce the floor’s shine. For more extensive cleaning, you will not want to wash the floor with a cleaner that you use on your kitchen or bathroom floors, but rather mop a water based polish over the entire floor to help coat and protect the floor.

One of the best house cleaning tips the ‘Room Decoration’ website gives is to keep furniture away from any heating sources in your home. Unknowingly, wooden furniture, like cabinets, will deteriorate with time, especially under dry conditions, even if the furniture isn’t placed near a radiator or heater within the home. To maintain wooden furniture over time, you will want to apply wax to them that will help protect the wood from deterioration.

The best cleaning house tips are the ones you can use, and the ‘Room Decoration’ website provides easy cleaning methods for every part of your home. Items that you wouldn’t think about, like wooden furniture, naturally requires some particular attention to prolong their life since they might dry out, and cleaning wooden floors requires some care so that they don’t get damaged but maintain their shining appearance. Another item of note would be doors, which often get overlooked, but require cleaning just as much as anything else. Usually, door cleaning can be accomplished by water and cloth, but for more challenging stains, one of the website’s clean house tips includes to rub the stain with a little soap to cut the grease. Along with this, you will want to make your door look fresh and shiny, and a mixture of turpentine, vinegar, and linseed oil should be added to your door cleaning ritual for the most attractive appearance. Thank you to the ‘Room Decoration’ website, for sharing their easy cleaning tips to extend the life of your home.**

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