Clever and Cute Christmas Ideas

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You will want to take a look at these clever and cute Christmas ideas with over 100 diy cool projects to choose from; it's never too early to start. You will find a wide variety of projects to do with popular ideas to include Christmas tree ideas, ornaments, and mantel decor. You will find a little bit of everything on the list with all sorts of diy cool projects that will get you into the holiday spirit.

1. Pallet Christmas tree. This diy cool project uses an inexpensive wooden pallet, with a wooden stump and Christmas tree ornaments to make a holiday decoration that can be used anywhere in the house.

2. Appetizer tree. This diy idea is an excellent recipe for when you have holiday guests over. With grape tomatoes, meat, olives, and cheese formed into a Christmas tree with toothpicks sticking out. Crackers sit at the base for an appetizer idea everyone will be talking about.

3. Mini stump place card holders. This easy diy idea uses simple wooden stumps with Christmas ornaments on top that hold the place card for dinner guests.

4. Wood slice deer silhouette for the holiday mantel. This diy idea uses simple materials such as pallet wood, dark brown wood stain, a couple of bags of wood slice vase filler and some glue to create a mantel piece your guests will be talking about.

5. Rustic wood painted diy idea for Christmas ornaments. These easy and fun to make ornaments use simple birch slices to make rustic crafts that don't need to be perfect. In the short step by step video instruction video, you will see the rustic crafts with images of snowmen, snowflakes and more. This is a fun diy craft to make with the kids.

6. DIY gumdrop Christmas tree. This colorful centerpiece or mantel piece is easy to make, and the kids especially will love it. You can either choose to let the gumdrops harden and preserve with some poly which will keep the ants away, or choose to put out for a party and let the kids enjoy.

7. Striped grain sack Christmas stocking project to do. These easy to make crafts look great hanging on the fireplace mantel. The stockings use canvas drop cloth and red chalky paint to give the look of rustic grain sacks for the farmhouse look everyone loves.

8. Vintage Christmas kitchen diy ideas and the scents that go with the holiday season.

9. Dollar Tree Nutcracker idea. You will love this inexpensive DIY cool project that can be used on the fireplace mantel or around the house. By using nutcracker from the Dollar store you then cover with white primer and a bright color overtop. This trendy holiday decorating idea is easy to do.

10. Traditional evergreen DIY idea for a Christmas wreath.

11. Simple and fun Christmas tree project to do.

12. Easy to make permanent chalkboard Christmas wish list.

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