Clever Car Tips to Help You Survive Winter

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Here are 25 Clever Car Hacks to Help You Survive Winter. So you can be sure that you and your car will get through the winter, read over the many ideas and tips and clever tricks that this site, One Good Thing By Jillee, has compiled for you and your car. These car hacks may make the difference for your winter being one that you do not mind living through or one that is just another cold and wintry season to survive. So read about these 25 clever car hacks to help you to survive this winter, and every winter from here on in.

Here are some of the tips and clever tricks that you can read about that will help you survive winter this year. Foggy car windows can be a real nuisance, but there are plenty of ways (that you can read about on this site today) to keep your windows from fogging up and making it impossible for you to see where you are going. One of the best ways might be to use shaving cream to clear the inside of the window. Believe it or not, shaving cream has many of the same ingredients as commercial window de-foggers, which is why it works so well (of course, that information also makes it a bit terrifying to buy for your hubby to use on his face!). Here is another handy tip to help you survive winter. When you park your car, lift up your windshield wipers. That way, if it hails, snows, sleet or other weather comes down while you are inside somewhere your windshield wipers will not get stuck (it feels like permanently) to your windows.

Some other tips includes using a blend of three parts water and one part vinegar to spray the outside of your windows to melt the snow and ice so that you can see when you drive. Keep hand sanitizer around so that you can use it to de-ice doors and locks. The alcohol is what works to melt the ice from the doors and locks. And it is a ready and cheap solution to this ongoing winter problem, and it keeps your hands and doors very clean!

Another great tip from the 25 clever car hacks to help you survive winter is to cover your side mirrors with a Ziploc bag (or any plastic bag) when you leave your car sit over night. This method will keep ice from forming on the mirrors and let you see out of them every day. For your headlights, wash them with toothpaste. The toothpaste will keep the headlights clear and help your visibility immeasurably. So check out what this site has for you.

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