Coca Cola Baked Chicken Wings

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Yes you read it right. This is a coca cola recipe inspired by chicken wings. Tara brings this chicken wing dish inspired by a coca cola recipe that gives you a meal and a drink in the same bite. Now that is a different kind of chicken wing sauce. You have barbeque, sweet and sour, honey garlic, hot sauces and now when you thought you heard it all you are introduced to a chicken wing sauce you don’t hear about every day. That isn’t a bad thing since variety is the spice of life as they say.

Chicken wings and wing sauce recipes are varied and plentiful. This offering from Tara gives you a chance to make a recipe that will amaze your diners and with the addition of coca cola will also get people to try it if for no other reason than to find out how well the two go together. Cooking has always been and will continue to be the search for the next best thing and being that coca cola is so sweet this has a great chance to be one of those sweet wing sauce recipes that might find a home in your cherished recipe cook book.

Coca cola has been around longer than you might think. In 1885 Confederate Colonel John Pemberton, who had been inured in battle, came up with a mixture of coca leaves and kola nuts and began to distribute it as French Wine Coca nerve tonic. It actually got its name by the marriage of the two names, coca and kola, that became coca cola. In 1886 when Atlanta, the headquarters of Coca Cola today, passed a prohibition law Pemberton changed the name to Coca Cola and basically took out the wine. The first sales registered were at Jacobs Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia in 1886. It was initially sold as a patent medicine and Pemberton swore that it cured morphine addiction, dyspepsia, neurasthenia, headaches and impotence. That is definitely the cure all medicine if it really could do all those things. Of course we now know it can’t but in times past many people were fooled into believing in cure all concoctions like this one put forth by Pemberton. In 1892 the current Coca Cola Company was incorporated and since then it has become a giant in the pop industry.

From those humble beginnings in Atlanta so many years ago we can now find coca cola in just about every corner of the world. Pemberton’s cure all has now become the biggest selling pop drink worldwide. It now even finds a home in recipes like this one and who knows what the future holds for it.If you are looking for a new and different chicken wing recipe then give this one from Tara a try. Cooking is always a new experience and thanks to Tara of the Unsophistcook Blog for her yummy Coca Cola Baked Chicken Wing recipe. Just remember you can have your drink and the meal in the same bite. Bon apetit.**

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