Coca-Cola Fudge Recipe

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You can never deny yourself a good recipe for fudge candy. This Coca-Cola Fudge Recipe is so different with your family favorite drink the Coca Cola added to it. This recipe will also prove to you that just by putting simple ingredients together, you can spin magic at home. Just in time before the holiday season, this recipe will come in handy for you if you want to gift homemade fudge to loved ones. If you’re still not convinced give it a shot and you’ll know what exactly this recipe will do for you. The Coca-Cola when combined with melted chocolate and marshmallow cream, adds the softness to this fudge and tastes ultra silky and smooth. It’s the kind of recipe that chocolate lovers will make an instant connection. The beauty of homemade fudge is that you can use the simplest of ingredients without any added preservatives or artificial flavors, unlike the store-bought fudge. Just remember when you’re making fudge, always prep your baking pan beforehand by lining it either with a good quality parchment paper or non-stick aluminium foil so that the fudge comes off easily. Nothing can be worse than trying to scrape fudge off of your baking pan. Like most fudge recipes, this one also can be stored in an airtight container with wax paper lined between each layer.

Coca-Cola is a popular ingredient among the baking community because it has the reputation of giving the softest and moist texture to baking goods. The chemical reaction that occurs when you add Coca-Cola to baking soda, flour and salt is very intriguing, and it is that chemical reaction that adds the softness to the baking goods. There are so many culinary books that have dedicated themselves to creating cake and cookie recipes using Coca-Cola. You can add a healthier touch to this recipe if you replace the regular chocolate chips with dark or bittersweet chocolate chips. Dark chocolate that has more than seventy percent of cacao in it is recommended because it goes through less processing or ‘Dutching’ as they call it. From its nutrition point of view, dark chocolate has fiber, iron, magnesium and antioxidants.

Although making fudge sounds easy, you'll be surprised to know that there is some amount of precision required for making it. The trick for making a perfect, glossy and creamy homemade fudge, is to follow certain vital steps like heating and cooling the mixture to precise temperatures. While melting the chocolate chips, be mindful not to overheat them, or you could not get the desired taste and texture in the fudge. Always use a candy thermometer to help you keep a check on the temperature. When you're adding vanilla flavor to this recipe, remember that it’s a good idea to use the real vanilla extract instead of sticking to the artificial flavor. It is believed that professional bakers around the world agree with vanilla as more than just a flavoring agent. It brings the rest of the ingredients in a recipe to life. Vanilla binds a baking recipe together and makes baking goods taste richer and fuller. Apart from its sweet fragrance, the impact of real vanilla extract in dessert recipes is huge.

Thank you to Jennifer Dawn at The Life Of Jennifer Dawn food blog for sharing this delicious, Easy Chocolate Fudge recipe with us. For more fun desserts, savory recipes and food tips you can visit Jennifer's blog where she shares great information. Just with under ten budget-friendly ingredients from your pantry, you can make a batch of this glossy, creamy, rich chocolate fudge recipe that tastes decadently good. Enjoy!

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