Coconut Banana Cream Pie

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Bake a coconut banana cream pie recipe today using this fabulous set of directions from the site, An Affair From The Heart. This cream pie recipe is one of the best you may come across on the net. The banana cream pie recipe uses a unique and interesting twist for the crust, which adds great flavor and tremendous texture, a filling that you make from scratch using rich cream and egg yolks (always a good sign of a great pie) and then heaps a double dose of whipping cream on top of the cream pie, just for good measure. As well, of course, loads of fresh bananas find their way in to the middle of these great layers.

A pie that is made from scratch always has tremendous flavor and appeal. A made from scratch pie recipe (or any other recipe, for that matter) does not contain the fillers, additives, preservatives and other things that make a commercial dessert often taste flavorless, gummy, and uninteresting. Here, the best of ingredients come together to make something that tastes very special. The base is a combination of toasted coconut, and that is it. So this layer is going to be crunchy and buttery and chewy, a wonderful combination of taste and texture against the rich and creamy filling. The filling is also special because it uses rich cream (well, half and half, which is close enough) to make the custard delicious. Egg yolks also add great flavor here, as does the extra dose of vanilla flavoring that goes in to the custard part of this pie. The pie filling uses only a small amount of filler, cornstarch, and so this filling will be rich, smooth and creamy and not at all gummy as commercially prepared custards can often be.

The topping for this great layering is whipped cream, and the site creator and recipe blogger smartly recommends that you double the whipped cream. I agree. This pie, a rich and creamy blend of, well, cream, deserves an equally fabulous topping. Here whipped cream is blended with just enough sugar to make it really lovely. Do not use a commercial cream. When you have taken the tie and effort to make a filling and crust from scratch, match that effort with hand blended, real cream.

This is a tremendous cream pie recipe. It will take a bit of time to make, and every layer really needs to be separately chilled and then chilled together in order for the best flavor to come out of the mixture. This pie suits any occasion, but make it a special one where family and friends can come together and share this special treat. Enjoy this coconut banana cream pie soon.

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