Coconut Cream Pie

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Coconut Cream Pie is a dreamy pie with a dreamy filling. It is at once immensely flavorful and yet wonderfully sublime in flavor. The taste of this terrific pie fills your mouth and lingers there long after the last bite. That makes coconut cream pies a perfect choice for a filling and satisfying choice for dessert. The coconut gets emphasized in this recipe by toasting a small amount of it that is then sprinkled on top of the pie. It adds just a bit of crunch, and a lovely toasted flavor that accentuates the rest of the coconut in the pie.

This pie is also very quick to make, not including the time to chill in the fridge. Everything is made using commercial mixes and a ready made crust. That means even the most amateur baker can attempt this recipe and hope for excellent results. One of the biggest advantages of pre-made ingredients is that the concern about whether or not the product is going to turn out, has been removed. You can be sure the custard will thicken, and the crust is ready. You do not need to whip the cream, just thaw the frozen stuff and spread. Sprinkle with the toasted coconut (you will probably have to do that step yourself) and chill. Viola.This is a great pie to make when time is short and you want to bring something to the picnic, outing, gathering, other special occasion that you might be sharing with family and friends. It is easy, delicious, creamy and perfect for a hot summer day. The photos on the site can help you through the various steps if you have not made pie before, and the instructions are easy to follow. No worries there. So, make it soon and make it often. Enjoy.

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