Coconut Cream Snack Cake

Photo Credit: Willow Bird Baking

Check out the photo that this website has for this pretty Coconut Cream Snack Cake. You can see by the photo just how lovely a snacking cake it is, especially when you take the time to toast the coconut (you can see what a lovely golden color it becomes) and to carefully dot the cake with the whipped cream topping. It is often worth the effort to assemble the cake well; visual appeal can be almost as important as taste when it comes to food. (I did have a friend who grew so tired of having his food served in various crazy configurations that he threatened to open a restaurant to deliberately serve “ugly food”; that is, food slopped on a plate with no attention to how it looked or presented. He never did, but I always thought it could be a great idea.)

This pretty cake is delicate in its flavor, with almond and vanilla infused throughout both the cake and topping. This cake is entirely made from scratch, as is the topping. It also uses fresh cream to make the whipped cream topping. That always means a wonderful flavor and great taste. Few things can compare with the homemade flavor of a dessert fresh from the oven. Let the kids help you make this one, too. They can whip the cream with some supervision, or help spread the coconut for toasting. You can watch it toast together.

This is a lovely cake made with coconut milk as well as shredded coconut to maximize the flavor in this dessert. It contains a lot of ingredients, but most of them you likely already have in your cupboard and fridge and the rest can almost certainly be purchased at your local grocery store. Enjoy this cake, and have it often.

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