Coconut Fried Bananas

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This is a great recipe for coconut fried bananas that also has plenty of variations that you can play with. Make this snack on an evening when you have friends over to help out. Chat about the recipe first, and everyone can bring his or her favorite combination to try out. From super sweet and a bit mushy to savory and crunchy, coconut fried bananas can be served as appetizers, lunch or dinner companions, or even for dessert or a late night snack. The blogger even suggests making these for morning breakfast. What a great way to start the day.

This recipe even at its simplest should use real oil. The coconut oil called for in the recipe is a good choice. If you choose other combinations to put with the bananas, think coconut oil and a bit of butter, rather than spray oils. If you are concerned about using too much oil, pour some in to a dish, and use a brush to lightly coat the pan, as you need it. Find the right heat to cook these up quickly and you can minimize the amount of oil that you use in the pan and so that are contained in the bananas. On the other hand, once in a while, you need to splurge and indulge yourself. Why not with this recipe?

This recipe calls for ordinary bananas, just a little green. You could also try plantains, which are similar to bananas, but with a rather more robust texture and flavor. Plantains do have to be cooked, really, in order to make them edible, and they cook up with a starchier consistency and flavor than bananas, but they could be an option here, if you like. Try this treat soon. You’ll really like it.

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