Coconut Rice and Madras Lentils Burritos

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Besides being a healthy meal idea, this coconut rice and madras lentils burritos is an easy recipe idea to make. The healthy dinner idea uses a prepackaged pouch of lentils and shredded rotisserie chicken, so a lot of the work has already been done for you. You might choose to make the lentils yourself or to save on time try the suggested Tasty Bite's Madras Lentils. And you can feel good about using these lentils because they are made with clean ingredients. Tasty Bites products are all GMO-free with no artificial ingredients, and the best part is that they are microwaveable in just one minute. If you prefer not to use the microwave you can pop them in some boiling water for the suggested time, and you are ready to go. And for a fun twist on this healthy meal idea, some coconut cilantro rice is added to the recipe to serve as the base of these burritos. This coconut cilantro rice is easy to make just mix some shredded coconut and chopped cilantro with the cooked rice. This is a healthy dinner idea you are sure to try again.

Using unsweetened shredded coconut in this healthy dinner idea is a good way to reap the benefits of the coconut flakes nutrition. Unsweetened coconut nutrition includes dietary minerals such as iron, manganese, phosphorus and zinc. The various parts of the coconut fruit can be used in a variety of culinary uses and recipe ideas from healthy meal ideas, dessert recipes and snacks. The seed of the coconut fruit can provide oil for cooking and frying. The white, fleshy part of the inside of the coconut seed, which is known as the coconut meat, can be used either fresh or when dried for cooking. Coconut recipes can include confections and dessert recipes such as macaroon recipes. Desiccated coconut meat or the coconut milk that comes from the inside of the coconut is often added to curry recipe ideas and other savory dish recipes. Eating coconut raw is one of the most healthy ways to get all of the coconut flakes nutrition and unsweetened coconut nutrition offered.

The lentils in this healthy dinner idea offer so much in the way of nutrition. Lentils have become a staple in many peoples diets. Lentils are in calories and high in nutrition, and are the perfect legume to eat in summer salads, healthy spreads, for crudité and cracker recipes, and as part of a vegetarian dinner plate. Lentils are easy to cook, and they are a hassle-free compliment to any meal. Lentils are nutty and earthy in flavor and have a high nutritional value that anyone can benefit from by incorporating them into their diet. Several studies have shown that eating high fiber foods such as lentils may help to reduce your risk of heart disease. Lentils are also a great source of folate and magnesium, which may help to benefit heart health. Adding lentils to your diet offers many benefits such as dietary fiber, which is soluble fiber that traps carbohydrates, helping to slow down digestion and stabilize blood sugar levels. Lentils are a healthy protein. All legumes, lentils and nuts contain the third-highest levels of protein. With 26 percent of lentil’s calories being attributed to protein, which makes lentils an excellent source of protein for vegetarians and vegans.

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