Coconut Ricotta Cheesecake

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If you are searching the web for easy dessert recipes, then try out this Coconut Ricotta Cheesecake recipe. If you love creamy cheesecake, then this will be the best cheesecake recipe for you to try out. This recipe includes the creamy and lovely cream cheese that most cheesecakes have in them, but it also includes some ricotta cheese as well. Ricotta cheese is commonly used in recipes for cheesecake from Italy. A common dessert in Italy is a lemon and ricotta cheesecake that is light, yet super deliciously creamy. Another ingredient that really adds to the creaminess as well as the coconut flavour of this recipe is the coconut cream that is added in. For this ingredient you want to add in the full cream coconut cream and not just the milk from the carton, as the coconut milk from the carton is too watery for this recipe. The topping for this coconut cheesecake recipe is also nice and creamy as it is made from whipped cream and some coconut pieces as well.

This totally sounds like the best cheesecake to make for any occasion whether its a birthday, an anniversary or just any time for no special occasion at all. Cheesecake has been around for centuries and was first made by the Greeks. Their cheesecakes consisted of a cake made with fresh milk that was sweetened with honey and served with honey and fruit mostly. We haven't gotten too far from the original style of this recipe, but now we use different ingredients like cane sugar and graham crackers in the recipes. Cheesecake is a great comfort dessert because it has that creamy texture and richness to it that satisfies your craving for sweets. Other comfort desserts we love are desserts with chocolate in them as well as caramel desserts too. So if you are looking for easy dessert recipes, cheesecake is a great go-to because it can be combined with other flavours like chocolate and caramel as well as fruit to bring it another dimension of flavour.

The coconut added into this recipe is a great choice for a cheesecake. The coconut flavour would pair so well with cheesecake flavours, it would be incredibly yummy. Coconuts are grown in tropical regions, but the whole coconuts are shipped to places like Canada where coconuts don't grow because it is not warm enough for long enough. In places like Mexico, there are coconut tree plantations where the trees grow and the workers pick the coconuts that will be sold in grocery stores and other products. Coconuts are such an amazing food because they provide meat, water, oil, milk, and a material that can be used to make things. The shell of the coconut is great for making bowls, utensils, jewelry and much more and all of the inner ingredients are great for using in recipes like this as well as other dessert recipes, smoothie recipes, cooking recipes and salad recipes. The oil of the coconut has many uses for the body as well. Coconut oil is very beneficial for the hair, for skin and even for brushing teeth and using as a mouth rinse. The milk can also be used in the same way too for hair, body and skin. **

Thank you to the people over at Love Foodies website for this awesome recipe for Coconut Ricotta Cheesecake that looks absolutely divine. Check out more of the great recipes on this food lover's website and try something new. The people at Love Foodies are always posting new recipes consistently too so make sure that you visit their website often to check out the new recipes they have to offer.*

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