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Check out the inside of this brightly colored mini house, which has everything you would need for comfortable living. In addition to a kitchenette that is complete with appliances, there is a living area, bedroom, and bathroom. This small house design may be quaint, but it has all the areas necessary to living. If you are fascinated by the tiny house movement but aren’t sure about jumping on board yet, this is a home you can rent through Airbnb on a nightly basis. Renting a tiny home is the best way to know if tiny living is right for you because you will get an exact idea of whether it’s a good amount of space for you and whether you could see yourself living there long term.

Airbnb is a website that specializes in renting out homes and experiences to people on vacation. Sarah, who is a teacher, owns this tiny house and allows guests to rent it out for a duration of time. The Apple Blossom Cottage is located in Vermont, up in the Green Mountains. This place would be a perfect vacation spot because of its idyllic location and is an excellent place to visit all year round. In addition to the rooms for living in this tiny house design, the home includes gas heat and air conditioning, which means you can be comfortable there all year round. Despite its mountainous location, it has Wi-Fi, too, which means you can still be connected with family and friends at home.

While the typical tiny house cost can be anywhere from a few thousand up to several thousand if you buy your own, this place gives you the benefit of trying out a new style of living for $126 CAN per night. The tiny home can sleep five people, has internet access, clean bedding, shampoo and parking, which makes this price seem more than reasonable. The best thing about vacationing at this tiny cottage is that they allow pets, too, and so if you are looking for a relaxing vacation in the wilderness away from home, you don’t have to leave your furry family members behind.

There are many benefits to having a mini house, including that they are more affordable to manage and more environmentally friendly than a larger home. In a world where hydro bills keep going up, a smaller space can only be more reasonable to heat and cool. Since a smaller home takes less energy to warm and cool, it is easier on your electricity bills and has less of a carbon footprint. The one challenge that many people find with tiny homes is that they don’t suit their lifestyle. By renting out a tiny home, like this one, you will not only be getting a wonderful vacation, but you will also be able to determine of tiny house living is right for you. It may even prompt you to start looking at the varied designs of tiny homes, which can range in size between 100 and 400 square feet.

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