Comfortable, 400 square foot cabin with lush mountain views

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Take a relaxing vacation in this cozy retreat in Seligman, Arizona. The wood cabin retreat is also only 50 minutes west of Williams, Arizona which is the gateway to the Grand Canyon National Park through taking the Grand Canyon Railway. In the area, there is also the famous route 66 with tons of great restaurants and shops dating back to the early 1900s. There are also many ancient Native American ceremonial sites in the area as well. This 400 square foot studio style wood cabin is perfect for romantic vacations. There's a comfortable bed in the living area, as well as a full kitchen bathroom and a walk-in closet nearby. The tiny cabin design features a lot of rustic charm with beautiful oak flooring and wood walls. One of the other great things about this wood cabin design is all of the windows they added in. They really open the cabin up to the gorgeous surrounding views of the mountains and trees. There are also large garden doors that lead to a covered deck where you can enjoy your morning coffee or a cold beverage at the end of the day.

The mountains aren't just beautiful to look at; you can also go on hiking trips on them. But if you're not feeling that adventurous, you can always just relax around the cabin and then enjoy the fire pit outside in the evenings. You might even see some of the wildlife including deer, elk, coyote and bobcats. When it comes to tiny cabin designs, this one is a great example of a simple, easy to build cabin that you could build yourself or have built by cabin builders in your area. Hiring cabin builders to build your wood cabin for you will cost a bit more because you're paying for their labour, but if you're on a tight budget, you can also build it yourself. You can find plenty of tiny cabin designs online to use, or you can get one designed by a professional designer or builder. A great way to decide on the right cabin design for you is to spend some time looking at photos of wood cabins online and in magazines and books to get a good idea of what you would like. An even better idea is to stay in wood cabins when you go on vacations and feel out which designs you like the most.

Staying in a rental cabin like this one also gives you more of a feeling of being at home than if you were to stay at a hotel or hostel. You have a kitchen to cook in, a nice living room and a porch to relax on. This cabin was built using a collection of various materials which shows you that you can build a wood cabin from recycled or used materials. You can find affordable wood and materials online through buy and sell groups in your area. Sometimes people end up with too much wood from a building project of their own, and they sell it off after. Or you can also use wood that comes from shipping boxes or pallets to build decks and furniture. One of the interesting features of this wood cabin is their use of raw logs for the posts on the deck. The logs are left all natural with all of the knots in them for a great look. You can even use raw timbers and logs like this inside the home too as support beams and even as furniture and shelving. Check out all of the photos of this beautiful, tiny cabin design and others on VRBO.***

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