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You'll want to watch this short step by step tutorial on how to make concrete jack o lanterns for Halloween. This diy idea is easy to do, and unlike anything you've done before. If you haven't tried using concrete for a diy craft for home, you are sure to love working with it, as it's easy to use and fun to do. And this DIY idea is a lot easier than you would think, it uses a plastic pumpkin as a concrete mold. And the benefit of concrete pumpkins is that they can be left out when the weather is warm outside and they will not rot and can be left out all October. You will want to take a look at the short step by step video tutorial, and the step by step photos and instructions for this easy to make DIY craft for home.

To get started you will need to put on a mask and gloves. This is because concrete and cement products can create a lot of fine dust, and you want to be sure and not breathe any of that in. Also, concrete and cement can be very drying to your hands, so you want to protect them with gloves. You can use some Pam cooking spray or some silicone, and spray the outside of the plastic cup and the inside of the plastic pumpkin, and set aside. This step of the diy idea will help the plastic release from the concrete once it is cured. Then you will need to mix up the concrete, cement, or mortar. For the orange pumpkin, they used concrete that had the rocks sifted out. For this DIY idea, they used mortar for the other two. Start by slowly adding water to the concrete and mixing until all is well mixed. It is better to put too little water rather than too much. You want a concrete mixture about the consistency of a brownie batter recipe. You want to center the cup and push down into the center of the plastic pumpkin opening. Then remove any excess concrete that oozes out the top sides of the mold. Cover with some plastic wrap and place a large, heavy, flat object onto the top to keep the plastic cup from floating up out of place. Use the utility knife to help cut through the plastic to remove.

For the orange pumpkin, it was stained with some DecoArt Color stain. This pumpkin DIY idea does double duty as a plant pot. In the photos, you will see that there is an oregano plant that makes the fun hair for the pumpkin. The waxed pumpkin had a concrete terra cotta colorant that was added to the concrete/water mix. They dripped three colors of hot candles onto it. This unique cement pumpkin does double duty as a candle holder. The blue pumpkin was painted with Rust-Oleum Lagoon spray paint, and the face is painted with DecoArt Chalky finish paint. This cement pumpkin does double duty as a non-candy holder to help bring awareness of those little ones that have food allergies. The materials that were used for this easy to make DIY craft for home include three plastic pumpkins that you can find at Target or the dollar store, cooking spray, a plastic cup, concrete (you can find this at home depot), a mask and plastic gloves, and a utility knife.

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