Cookies and Cream Cake

Photo Credit: Cupcake Diaries

Tired of the same old vanilla or plain chocolate or lemon cakes? Try out this awesome recipe for Cookies and Cream Cake for something new and different! Sometimes making the exact same cake can be awesome, because you know everyone loves it and it will be a total hit. People actually look forward to having the same thing for their birthday every year too sometimes. I know I love to have a fruit pizza for my birthday usually, and I would be kind of sad if I didn't. But it is also always fun to try something different for people's birthdays and trying out a new cake is always really great too!

This cake comes to us form the awesome Cupcake Diaries, where Alli, the author and curator of the website shares her favourite recipes with us, mostly cupcakes if you didn't guess already, and of course some cakes and other desserts as well. This time she wanted to try making a different cake for her brother in law's birthday, so she decided to try this one out. It was an instant hit! Everyone absolutely loved it, especially the kids, so she knows that it is a good one that all of us might want to try!

The other thing about this recipe is that it is super simple to make, and quick too! You just need chocolate cake mix, and some cookies and cream instant pudding and some crushed up Oreo cookies for the topping! How simple is that?! So easy! You can totally make this cake on the fly if you want a sweet treat or need to whip up something to bring to an event. It looks like it would be great! And did you know that Oreo cookies are over 100 years old? This cake is in their honour! Head over to 'Cupcake Diaries' by following the link in the section below for the recipe and more!

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