Cookies and Cream Oreo Fudge Brownies Happy 100th Birthday Oreo

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People everywhere love Oreo cookies so in honour of Oreo cookies, try out this Cookies and Cream Oreo Fudge Brownies Happy 100th Birthday Oreo! Everyone knows what to do when they get an Oreo cookie, take the two cookies and twist them to reveal the centre of creamy icing. Sometimes making a wish and picking a side that you think the cream centre will end up on, and if you get it right, your wish comes true! Then the classic commercials of people dunking them in a big glass of cold milk, sharing them on the porch with friends and family. Oreo is definitely one of the classics of our time and its great to celebrate with an epic cake like this one!

Oreos came out in 1912, from the company Nabisco, and they have become a favourite and a staple of American culture. The company had the idea to put the icing in between two chocolate cookies, and the look of the cookies has stayed the same over the years, besides the design on the chocolate cookies themselves which has changed over the years and there have also been specialty Oreos as well. They come out with different Oreos for different special occasions, like Easter, and Christmas, and the centre cream is dyed a different colour. They have also come out with Fudge centred Oreos and also double stuffed Oreos over the years.

This recipe looks absolutely amazing! Brownies, with Oreo cookies, cookies and cream ice cream AND hot fudge topping?! It is all mixed together in a pan and baked up and the result looks as heavenly as it sounds. Gooey chocolate brownies with so much fudge and chocolate your taste buds will explode with joy! This recipe would be amazing served with vanilla ice cream as well, fresh out of the oven of course! Head over to ' Cupcake Diaries' for more by following the link in the section below!

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