Cookies n Cream Extreme Brownies

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Uh-oh. Anything that has cookies and cream and extreme in its title is going to be drive you crazy dee-lish-us. And this recipe for Cookies ‘n Cream Extreme Brownies is it. Run to the store right now and get the ingredients because you are going to want to eat these tonight. Double the recipe. Invite your friends. This is it.Okay, maybe that is going over board a little bit. Still, can you go wrong with this recipe? Not likely. It is a wonderful layered treat that takes advantage of some pre-packaged ingredients to help you make it well and quickly.

The bottom layer is a brownie made with two kinds of chocolate plus chocolate Oreos. That means this is going to be a chocolate lover’s dream. The recipe’s creator, Dorothy, recommends adding white fudge covered Oreos if they are available at your supermarket. Not to worry, though, plain Oreos will add a third chocolate to these brownies, likely enough to satisfy the most discriminating chocolate lover.

Two tips in making brownies is to ensure that, one, the melted chocolate is entirely returned to room temperature, and two, that you fold in the flour by hand, even if you have used your machine for the rest of it. If you follow both these steps it will ensure a moist brownie. The frosting calls for 3 teaspoons of vanilla. Does this seem excessive to you? Not at all. Vanilla is the second-most expensive spice after saffron. It is made by hand picking the vanilla bean from the Orchid on which it grows and then putting it through a soaking/drying process that either results in a bean, paste, or liquid extract. It is an under-valued flavor and by adding this much to your brownies you will see just how wonderful a flavor it is.

You can easily make your own vanilla with a good bottle of 750 mls. vodka. Buy the best beans you can find. About 12 will do. Slice the beans open lengthwise and toss them in the bottle. Put it in the cupboard and once a month give the bottle a shake. Forget about it for three to six months. Then start using it. You will never buy vanilla again. As it empties, just add more vodka. There is no need to replace the beans. You can even rebottle it in to smaller bottles and give it away to friends. It is a wonderful gift. In any event, go ahead and get crazy with the vanilla in this recipe. It underscores the chocolate flavor beautifully. Why not try it tonight?

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